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Client: [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/3nt0a46c4mrf3hi/Asteria-Pk.jar?dl=1[/url]
Forum: [url]http://Asteria-pk.com/forum[/url]

Here at Asteria-Pk we mix our content to create the best environment for the player! Our server is packed with Unique and Fun content, with more being worked on everyday!
Server Media:
Server is extremely safe.
100+ achievements.
100% Clanchat system with ranks.
Real RS Grand Exchange system.
All skills added, even Dungeoneering with parties/complexity!
Full bank system with searching, tabs!
15+ bosses, including 100% Nex and Kalphite Queens with stages etc.
Very advanced client, unique cache downloading system.
Armadyl Storm!
And so much more.. Download and see for yourself!

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Bump, moved to new host client problems are all fixed.

Fixed a dupe
Created PvP outside of home
Added pvp shop
Use slay points to imbue rings
Funpk area
Skilling makes more money
::setlevel for combat stats only, so you can go straight to bossing/pking/skilling

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