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We will be messing around with interfaces today, and editing them. This includes editing the text, the images, and having the interfaces overlay so you can run/walk/ect. while it is open.
For us today, we will be using interface id: "394" as an example.

Now, it will be hard explain each one of these individually, and trying to keep shit organized, and have it make since. My mind may jump around a lot, and is all jumbled. Haha. Anyways, shall we begin? :D

Interface "394" Screenshot:

Retrieving the Interface CID's:
You will open your console, and type "inter ##" - to view the interface.
Then you will type, inside your console, "inters ##" to open the interface with the CID's.
For us today, we will be using interface id: 394

This will open the interface, showing the CID's:

Explaining the Interface CID's:
The "CID: 13" is the title, which says: "Select a piece of furniture to build."
All the CID's are the Child ID's. You use these to rename or edit the text, ect. on the interface.

Also, you see how it goes from "CID: 28", then the next CID is "CID: 32"?
Well the ones in-between are images, and they are CID's as well.
Their CID's go from top-left, and go down. Then repeat back at the top again, and back down.. in rows.
So this tells us that the first image, the "X" on the top left, is CID: 29.
The one below that is CID: 30, then the one below that is CID: 31.

After all the images, you have the text below the images, which state "Level".
These are CID: 32, 33, and 34.

How to reword certain CID's:
You can set a whole new method up, calling a certain interface to display whatever text on whichever CID you wish to, with something like this:

Please login or register to see this code.

That is just an example. It will replace all the CID's with what is in the quotation marks.

Replacing the Old "X" Images with Item Id's:
You may still continue to use the same format as above, except the packets method you call, will be different. As followed in the code right underneath:

Please login or register to see this code.

The new addition that we added to our code, replaces CID: 29 (THE FIRST "X" IMAGE), with a picture of an item. Hence the "ItemOnIComponent". So instead of the "X" image we had, it will now be replaced by "1" of item "8309", which is a wooden chair. You may add the same code and change the corresponding CID ids, as well as item ids for the other two "X" images.

Replacing the Old "X" Images with Model Id's:
Now this is different than the code that we just did above. Instead of calling for the item ids to be used for the previous "X" image, we will use models to replace them.
Take a look at the code below:

Please login or register to see this code.

So, instead of having CID: 29 be replaced by an item id, you may use a model id. I would also like to state that RuneLocus was nice enough to state the item id and model id, as well as much more when clicking on the item.

Please login or register to see this link.

Okay, so we have completely edited the interfaces' text and pictures/images. Now you have a interface that opens, with your custom content and text.
But what if you want something a little different? Like a interface, that stays open, and you could still walk around and play, ect.?

This is called a Interface Overlay.
To do something like this, find your code, and edit it to this:

Please login or register to see this code.

This has the custom interface, "chairInterface", overlay. True = ON; False = OFF (I am assuming? xD)

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nice copy and paste... So we have ourselves a grave digger lmfao.

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