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Insignia - Official Project [OSRS-Like]

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[B]Description of Insignia:[/B]
Insignia is a server designed to be somewhat like an OSRS server, I did however cache pack all the maps, objects & items etc... But the ID's are all mumble jumbled, which is just a complete time waste gathering all the new IDs for NPC's, buttons and more instead of the original ones. So I've decided to go with a completely blank/cleaned Project Insanity source which the source link & credits will be listed below, my idea is to create a flawless, fun and entertaining experience that will not leave users easily bored. It will be challenging but not too difficult for players to progress through Insignia but ensuring they have fun whilst doing so.

If you sign up to our forum, you will receive the chance to participate in our official BETA server, 10 if not more members will be picked a week before our beta stages to confirm their position on the list. We will have 2-3 different beta stages covering seperate things such as Skills/Other content (Stage One), Minigames (Stage 2) and possible PvM/PvP (Stage 3). Then the official release of Insignia.

[SIZE=4][B][URL="http://insigniaps.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13-different-looks-new-content/"]VOTE ON THE LATEST POLL[/URL][/B][/SIZE]

Stay connected:
[URL="http://insigniaps.com/forum"]Community Forum[/URL]

[B]The Team[/B]
[B]Server Developers:[/B]

[B]Web Developers:[/B]


[B]Update Log[/B]
-Added a neatly processed SkillHandler
-Added woodcutting (roughly 80% so far with stumps/nests, but will be perfected soon.)
-Implemented an Agility Handler to handle shortcuts and several agility courses
-Gnome Agility Course added 100% & begun working on barbarian agility course.
-Messed around with the new game engine and fixed up some processing bugs, server now runs quicker & smoother.
-Server sided clipping, currently working on perfecting the combatassistant so you can't attack through walls.
-Server Integration with website, also providing a base for further website/sql use with other systems.
-Started on boss pets, not essential right now so the rest will be done in future.

[B]Server Media[/B]
Agility - New agility handler, gnome course & start on barbarian course.

Woodcutting - around 70-80% complete with stumps & nests.

Start on boss pets, needs a lot of work but will be perfected shortly.


[B]Website Media[/B]
Thanks to [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?35144-Hope"]Hope[/URL] for the special template.

Feel free to support the project by sticking this in your signature! remove the two "*"

[B]Just a quick question to those who are interested:[/B] Should we add 474 or 508 maps or should we stick with the default 317 maps and add additional maps as we go for areas such as godwars, mithril dragons etc?

The thread will be updated daily if not once every 1-2 days at minimum, I hope you like what you see so far because so much hard work and dedication will be put into this project, thanks for stopping by.

Here is the [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/downloads/529746-cpi-clean-project-insanity.html"]server[/URL] we begun development with. Edited by General

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best of luck :D looks fresh.

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Thanks for the support guys, I'm not available for most of the days so I thought I'd hop on and add something easy enough which could come useful, but Hans who can tell you how long you've played since your first login time & you can also change your game mode/xp rate by speaking to him for 500K may change in future, I know it's nothing much today but expect more soon:)


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I was messing around with the skill tab and came up with something I like, but please vote whether it should stay or not here, [url]http://insigniaps.com/forum/index.php?/topic/13-different-looks-new-content/[/url]


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