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why my server is still OFFLINE ? (need help please)


hello there,

im trying to host a trisidiax server before i start editing or changing the server, i tired [B]everything[/B] to host the server but it keep on saying error connecting to the server and it shows that its offline on status checker.

i tried to host it on my router
on uturrent as well, non of them worked
i've set everything including portforwarding on my router
i set the environmental variables
i set the firewall
i set the no-ip
added the paths
did everything but it still offline i cant understand why
please i asking for help if anyone can fix this will be thankful


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Is this you trying to connect to your server or are other computers trying to connect?
Have you set the IP in the client to the servers IP (or to if connecting through the same computer)?
Are you 100% you port-forwarded correctly? It can be pretty tedious on certain routers.

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