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Destroying the disease that destroyed me.

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This is copy and pasted off my blog. This is the main reasons why I have came back and left so many times and an extreme reason why, when I was on the content team, I could never really do that much. Please understand I am sharing this for only three reasons:


[URL="https://mahdysstory.wordpress.com/"]The Official Website[/URL]

This blog became a strong front worldwide for people fighting my diseases and illnesses of all kind to stay strong and never give up. This was their encouragement, their motivation, their "boost" that they needed. And, a lot of people suffer with depression nowadays. I bet many of you do, as well, just no one will say it. Or you are struggling with some type of battle.. I hope my story will inspire you to beat it and never give up.

To prosper & inspire. I know I said it before, but I am saying it again. I am hoping as the young, 20, soon to be 21 year old man whom his life has been consumed by this disease and hospitals; where for the past two years (October 29, 2012) -- Nurses have became my mother. Doctors have became my fathers. Nursing assistants have became my brother or sisters, has made it through all of this and still going through hell, then you, my friend - Can make it through anything.

Lastly, to deeply explain to the world of what I go through, have been through and will continue to go through for the rest of my life. To finally explain to my disease to those who will never understand it. To show them, how much I have lost with this disease, how much of my life has been taken up, and yet here I am. Still living, breathing and smiling for another day.

My name is Mahdy. I am a 20-years-old now part-time college student. I was diagnosed with UC in 2010. Before then, I lived a normal life. I used to eat right, play right, live life, right. Everything used to be perfect. I used to wake up every morning wanting to start a new day because of what I might discover. One day I started having bloody diarrhea and it wouldn’t stop – and this continued for 2 years until in 2010, my junior year of high school, I saw my primary doctor, he referred me to a GI doctor, a scope was done and on December 31st, 2010, my whole life changed. I got diagnosed with UC and from then on, everything was different.

My flare ups weren't bad in high school. I tried trying out for the basketball team but it was hard to make the team when you spent more time in the bathroom than on the court. My bowel was really aggressive: I had to use the bathroom constantly, but I never really had much pain. My UC wasn’t under control in high school, I would have my rough moments, but it wouldn’t destroy me. The only ones who knew of my illness would be those closest to me.

Let’s fast forward to the fall after I graduated high school and started college or should I say, the beginning to the worst day of life. In September of 2012, my UC triggered bad and it wouldn't stop. Severe pain, no appetite, severe diarrhea, dehydration, yet I fought through all this as it was my first few months in college and I didn't want to miss out. October 29, 2012 I finally went to the hospital and I never would expect to still be going to the hospital this day. From October 29, 2012 until today, November 4th, 2014, it has not stopped. I have been in and out the hospital over 60 times. I have lost two years of college due to being sick. I have had 5 doctors so far say “Sorry, Mahdy. There’s nothing left we can do for you. You need to find a more advanced specialist” and kick me to the side. I have had my insurance cut my Remicade. Cut my daily IBD meds. I have had to pay over $4,000+ for medication. I was on (and still am) prednisone for so long, I now have Osteoporosis.

I am writing this thread because even after 2 years, even though my illness has made me sicker than ever, I haven’t given up. If it’s anything I learned from these two years (and others have learned, as well) is that I am a strong individual. Emotionally, physically and mentally I am drained, but never will I think of giving up. After being so sick for so long, I started enjoying and loving the simplistic things of life; like a butterfly flying outside, or a bee sucking the honey from the flower it needs.
What I suffer from is not just a “tummy ache”, or “shit stain” like the way I have been ridicule. I would get mocked because my disease causes my intestines inner lining to rip apart, causing me to every so often have diarrhea. I have been called “Cancer boy”, I have been by people on here they wish I get colon cancer (which is a huge risk given my illness) and that all this is for attention.
For those people, let me tell you something – You have no idea what it is like to live a life where you rarely feel apart of. Live a life of being in a hospital and when I would be in a hospital, I would be in an isolated room where people would need to wear gowns and gloves so they wouldn’t get me sicker. I felt, and still feel like an experiment

Right now I am still dropping massive weight and losing a lot of blood. My insurance got caught when I finally got approved for surgery by the old insurance company I used to have, until they cut me. They approved the removal of my colon surgery in exchange I pay, or find a way to pay $44k. My weight is currently below 98 and it is dropping. My doctors’ have given up on me and told me due to my case being so severe, they are sorry but have no other options only for me to see new opinions.

I now have both: Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis and am typing this from the hospital. My entire colon is inflamed, I have had ​clostridium difficile (short for cdiff) which is an infection on top of the colon 11 times and now the doctors are saying the only thing left is to have surgery and remove my entire colon: and, that still will not cure me of my IBD. I will still live the life I have now. I am currently suffering from severe pain, 15+ bowel movements a day, I have dropped down from 165 pounds in 2012 to now not able to get above 89 pounds in 2014 and a bunch of other complications.

But even with all this, even with all the odds against me, I have not given up. I wake up everyday, despite the agonizing pain I am in with a smile on my face. I stay positive, even though the last two years my home has been a hospital; my mother have been nurses’ and my father’ have been doctors’. I stay smiling even though every doctor I have seen has no option for me. I stay smiling even though I have no option left. I stay smiling because life is beautiful. Because thanks to this disease, it has taught me to become the most mature person at the age of 20 and love and cherish every single moment of my life. I look at how beautiful the world is. I look at how beautiful life is. I spent more time in a hospital the past two years than in my own. My mother barely recognizes my face. My little sister, who looks up to me and loves me more than anyone in the world, has to see me suffer this dreadful disease and cries wishing I never had to live a life-like this. And, what is my answer to her? “Smile, because life is beautiful.”. And that is why she admires me so much – Because no matter what I am going through, because even though life is tearing me apart with these diseases – I will not give up. I will not let life defeat me. I will defeat it.

The point of this thread is so people understand life is beautiful. Whether you are sick or healthy, rich or poor, smart or dumb, your life is meaningful in your own ways and you matter. You matter to someone.
For anyone who is curious about what my health plans are, I am back to trying to make money I can online so I can pay for my medications on the side until I can get insurance again. Some of you must cherish your life because it is so beautiful in ways you can never see unless you were almost out.
The main thing I have learned is to not let anything put your face flat in the dirt. It’s been 2 years of sicknesses, doctors, hospitals and NOT giving up, and I've stuck through it because that little person left inside me said “Mahdy, keep going – keep pushing”. Let this be a reminder that you can do anything you want. Anything you set your mind to. Sick or not, rich or poor, everyone is significant in their own ways and never, ever let obstacles keep you down. Keep fighting, because life is so beautiful once you get to see how it’s really lived.
Thank you for reading my story. Thank you for being so compassionate and understanding.

Click the link below to read the most updated story, or go to: [url]https://mahdysstory.wordpress.com/mahdy-needs-our-help/[/url]

[URL="https://mahdysstory.wordpress.com/mahdy-needs-our-help/"]Mahdy's Updated Story[/URL][/CENTER]

I have posted this on the very many forums that I am online on. My story has became public in my city and the city official facebook page has shared it and the campaign page. It's a campaign page that helps me raise money for my meds that aren't currently covered, and, if enough, hopefully be able to get me starting treatment. If the link is not supposed to be here or it is against the rules I truly apologize, I am noway asking for donations nor donation begging, I am not sharing this for the money; I care about the inspiration of others.

[url]http://www.gofund.me/lets-help-mahdy/[/url] Edited by Mahdy

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[quote name='Mahdy'] One day I started having bloody diarrhea and it wouldn’t stop – and this continued for 2 years until in 2010, my junior year of high school, I saw my primary doctor,

You waited two years before seeing to a doctor about it???? not sure about you but after a few days of it, surely you would have had some sort of concern for your health... :P

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[quote name='A Duck Tale']You waited two years before seeing to a doctor about it???? not sure about you but after a few days of it, surely you would have had some sort of concern for your health... :P[/QUOTE]

No? Nowhere in there does it say I waited two years to see a doctor. It's been two years since it's started.

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I had to remove your list BBcode as the format was causing the page to break, sorry.

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yo i cbf reading that shit
but if ur still sick
don't be a bitch
be a real nigga

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[quote name='Cart']I had to remove your list BBcode as the format was causing the page to break, sorry.[/QUOTE]

Thank you! I was trying to figure out a way to fix it. Much appreciated, Cart.

[quote name='Sethy']yo i cbf reading that shit
but if ur still sick
don't be a bitch
be a real nigga[/QUOTE]

Thanks Sethy ima remember that to the fullest 100

On topic though, my health is still fucked so I updated my blog to what the doctors' are believing has been happening, so, if you're up for it, take a read.

Much love, thanks for the support guys.

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Wow, I roughly understand the pain you go through. I personally suffer from Crohn's disease, and if I don't take my medication it is one of the most painful things I've ever experienced.

Hope you get better man.

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Been sometime since I have update this, and I was truly hoping when I did, it would be for the best. Things have happened for the worse, which is why I have been so inactive. If you care to read, check it out here:



And, the latest update;


Thanks for reading. We are so close to reaching this goal, but yet so fucking far away, it sucks. God bless you all.

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