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[SIZE="6"]Pics at Bottom![/SIZE]

-Pottery spinning and firing. Ability to create every form of pottery.
-Leather crafting of all sorts, includes tanning, all parts, etc.
-Gem cutting and crafting, ability to create every type of jewlery.
-Spinning and weaving using the spinning wheel and loom.
-Sheep sheering, flax picking, etc.
-Glassblowing with every possibility.
-Battlestaff creation, crafting and combining orbs. Includes special stalves.
-Ganodermic and other special armor crafting.

-Bolt and arrow fletching of all sorts.
-Every log is functionable, along with the 1 click options.
-Bows (both short and long) and crossbows can be fletched.
-Dart creation of all sorts.

-Every slayer master (total of 10) with different requirements.
-Every current RuneScape task of the time (over 200+).
-Enchanted gem, ring of slaying, etc. are all working.
-Unlocked abilities via the rewards shop (eg. slayer helm crafting, broad tipped bolt fletching, final blows, etc)
-Realistic task requirements (both items and level requirements including final blows).
-Correct slayer shops to buy all the equipment needed for your slayer tasks.
-Ability to cancel, permanently block, re assign, etc tasks and keep track of them.
-Co op slayer, mostly functioning including interfaces and partnerships.
-Complete slayer points system with the full rewards system.

-Pitfall traps, currently only for Larupa.
-Hunter gear with their proper effects.
-Box traps for: Geckos, Salamanders, Grenwalls, Chinchompas (both), Ferrets, Platypus, Racoons, and Monkeys (nearly all).
-Butterfly net and hand catching for: Butterflies and Implings.
-Bird snares for: Crimson Swifts, Golden Warbler, Copper Longtail, Cerulean Twitch, Tropical Wagtail, and Wimpy Bird.

-Every sort of ore is mineable.
-Correct prospecting, regenerating rocks, etc.
-All pickaxes working which effect your mining along with your level.
-Every mining location functioning.
-Living rock cavern ore veins working.
-Special kinds of rocks such as limestone, granite, sandstone, etc.
-Full and complete gem mining.
-Ability to recieve random gems while mining.
-Pure and rune essence mining.

-All bars have the ability to be smelt.
-Ability to smith any item out of any bar.
-Cannonball smithing with the mould.
-Moulds for every form of jewlery can be properly used.
-Creating all kinds of items such as dragon platebodys, dragonfire shields, etc.

-Every kind of fishing possible.
-Fishing spots spawned all over the world.
-Barehand and barb tailed harpoon fishing.
-Barbarian techniques learned from Otto.
-Barbarian heavy rod fishing.
-Proper rod fishing for bait and feathers.
-Chances of catching giant fish for construction.

-Cooking and burning of every possible food.
-Ability to cook special foods such as meats, bread, pies, pizza, etc.
-Cooking on all sorts of things such as fires, stoves, furnaces, etc.

-Barbarian firemaking techniques.
-Pyre ship lighting learned from Otto.
-Inferno adze implementation.
-Lighting of sources of light such as torches, candles, and lanterns.
-Light source handling in dark areas and caves.
-Bonfires working completely with the spirits.
-Proper firemaking with clipping.

-Bird nests when chopping trees.
-Proper ivy with chopping down and such.
-Creation of canoes for transportations.
-Jungle woodcutting with machetes.
-Every type of woodcutting from dead to magics.
-Saw mill operating to turn logs into planks.

-Farming with all kinds of patches (alloments, herbs, bushes, hops, flower, tree, special, etc.)
-Proper timing and growth of all plants.
-Watering patches with drying out and dieing.
-Use of compost, creating compost, super compost, etc.
-Plant disease, curing, and dieing.
-Tool leapracaun noting items.
-Sapling growing and handling.
-Proper harvesting for all of the plants.
-Weed raking and proper use of all the tools.

-House purchasing from the estate agent.
-Ability to chose the location of your house.
-Furniture and room creation and saving.
-Every type of furniture is interactable (yes all 100+, lecturns, altars, boxing rings, portals, etc).
-Previeing rooms, building mode, etc.
-House interface to toggle different settings.
-Multi floor support including upper and dungeon levels.
-Handling of guests, kicking them, serving them, etc.

-Crafting and entering of any type of rune altars.
-Multi elemental rune crafting (such as steam, lava, etc).
-Chances of crafting multiple runes in one go.
-Working pouches with degrading.
-Abyssal runecrafting working.
-Talisman and tiara entering of altars.
-Pure and rune crafting.

-This work is currently in large progress.
-Group dungeoneering.
-Handling of different difficulties, boss and monster loading, etc.
-Item spawning on tables for the start.
-Exiting dungeons, smuggler, etc.
-Interfaces and token awarding working.
-Rewards interface functioning with EVERY reward working completely.

-Pickpocketing of every type of npc.
-All stalls are thievable, including the proper loots.
-Guards will attack you if caught stealing.
-H.A.M. members will knock you out if caught.
-Door and trap door picklocking all over the world.

-Cleaning of all herbs, including herbicide bonuses.
-Potion creating of all kinds.
-Special potions, such as overloads, creations.
-Working flasks of all kinds.
-Proper decanting for every filling of potions.
-Unfinished potion handling.

-Weight processing in your running.
-Agility level properly effects your running aswell.
-Gnome Regular and Advanced courses.
-Barbarian Regular and Advanced courses.
-Wilderness Agility course.
-Agility Pyramid.
-Worldwide agility shortcuts and areas that can be used.
-Proper grappling useage in the appropriate spots.

-Charm drops from all the proper monsters.
-Pouch and scroll creation interface.
-Left click options, familiar information, attacking, etc.
-Every single familiar ability and special has been added.
-All pets have been added.
-Summoning armor is properly working.
-Recharging of summoning points.

-Every prayer working including ancient curses.
-Proper prayer recharging and switching at altars.
-Bonuses from gilded altars, all bone burying.
-Scattering ashes.

-All spells working from the spell books: regular, lunar, and ancient.
-Magical staffs working properly with rune consumption.
-Alchemy, enchanting, etc spells working properly.
-All forms of teleportation, blocks, etc.
-Special item requiring spells working.

-Pest Control
-Lava Flow Mines
-Sorceress' Garden
-Duel Arena
-Castle Wars
-Clan Wars
-Dominion Tower
-Fight Caves
-Fight Kiln
-Rune Span
-Fight Pits
-Artisan's Workshop
-Warrior's Guild

-Dwarf Cannon
-Cooks Assistant
-Restless Ghost
-Smoking Kills
-Lost City
-Vampyre Slayer
-Demon Slayer
-Dragon Slayer
-Ernest the Chicken
-Imp Catcher
-Rune Mysteries
-Gertrude's Cat

Distractions and Diversions
-Penguin Hide and Seek
-Sink Holes
-Evil Trees
-Shooting Stars





















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