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Willing to pay money$$$ Looking for good coders. I have money but I want good coders.

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Don't worry about nothing I have money to pay people.
I just want someone like "Jack" use to run Deadlypkers. That's the best server of all time. If someone can do that I will pay you.

Format that you need use so I can tell if I should invite you.
Why I should choice you to be my coder?
Have you ever made a RSPS?
You ever been a admin or mod before in the past?
Do you know java and C++?
Can you create a game that people likes if so explain?
Are you willing to put time in it?
I have the money but do you have the skills I'm looking for?
Can you fix bugs easy?
Can you create a system that will run great with out getting hacked?
Can you make a nice website that will be easy to understand?

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