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[PkZip718 Beta]

Hi welcome and thanks for reading
this server is 100% gaurenteed fun and enjoyable!
so here are some features

[color=red][b][FREE CHAOTIC UPON ENTERING GAME][/b][/color]

* 15+ bosses
* Quest!
* Fight kiln
* Fight caves
* Updated godwars
* Working nex
* Boss pets!
* Completionist cape!
* All skill 100% work
* Nice home and gathering area!
* Enjoyable content
* Dual wieling!
* Tetsu, Seasinger, and Death lotus
* Friendly staff
* Random drop parties
* Easy to join!

Client download --> [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/hx642fawk2tuau2/pkzipscape.jar?dl=1[/url]
Forum link --> [url]http://pkzip718.createaforum.com/index.php[/url]











Thanks for reading if you join i hope you enjoy your stay


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