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Guide to Fight Against The Blast Furnace in WOW

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The fight against the Blast Furnace, an encounter in the Slagworks wing of the Blackrock Foundry raid instance, should be three phases. Raid members have to handle huge numbers of adds before they meet the actual boss in the final phase. It will be a tough battle, so prepare cheap wow gold in advance.

Phase one: disable two Heat Regulators

The two Heat Regulators are located on either side of the Blast Furnace. They cannot be attacked and damaged normally, and your raid must instead make use of some bombs to disable them,

1. Adds and mini boss

Furnace Engineers cast Electrocution to a target and it jumps to up to 2 other targets within 5 yards in the initial target. Besides, he can repair a Heat Regulator, healing it for 3% of its maximum health. And Bomb can be applied with 10-second timer.

Security Guards mainly protect all their allies to reduce the damage that any mobs take.

Bellows Operators cast Loading to increase Heart of the Mountain's Heat level by 2.

Foreman Feldspar uses 3 abilities against your raid, like Pyroclasm, Rupture and Hot Blooded. All these abilities deals a high amount of Fire Damage. It will be a tough battle, so buy the best wow gear to equip up.

2. Strategy

First, split up the raid in two equal teams. Each contains a tank, half of your raid's healers, and half of your raid's DPS players.

Second, destroy both Heat Regulators. Once a player is targeted by Bomb, he should run to the nearest Heat Regulators, but avoid other raid members nearby. Furnace Engineer should be the first to deal with.

Third, add handling and priority. The general add priority in this phase is Furnace Engineers > Bellows Operators > Security Guards.

Phase two: kill 4 Primal Elementalist

After both Heat Regulators have been disabled, you will enter Phase Two, where The Heart of the Mountain will be attackable and killable only when 4 Primal Elementalists are killed.

1. 4 types of adds

Primal Elementalists has a passive ability “Damage Shield”, which can be immune to all damage.

Slag Elementals always casts Fixate on a random raid member, slowing moving towards them. besides, Burn dela 42,254 Fire damage to the target.

Firecallers uses Cauterize Wounds to heal the target for 20% of their health. And Lava Burst deals a high amount of Fire damage to a random target.

Last are Security Guards.

2. Strategy

Have the Slag Elemental dieon top of a Primal Elementalist. As soon as a Slag Elemental takes down a Primal Elementalist's Damage Shield, your raid's DPS players must switch to that Elementalist and kill it off. Besides, you need to watch out for when they buff themselves with Reactive Earth Shield, and dispel this before it has a chance to heal them.

As for the Firecallers, your raid will have to be very careful to interrupt all casts of Cauterize Wounds Icon Cauterize Wounds.

More details can be found: [url]http://www.gold4fans.com/news/detailed-strategy-guide-to-fight-against-the-blast-furnace-in-wow.html[/url]

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