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[selling ]runicx [317]

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[B][CENTER][COLOR="#40E0D0"]Hi everyone![/COLOR][/CENTER][/B]

[B][COLOR="#0000FF"]I've decided to sell my server with all the features I've ever made. the reason i'm selling is because of the insufficiency of free time to manage and run the server.
The server ran for almost 6 months. [/COLOR][/B]

[B][U][COLOR="#8B4513"]Server features:[/COLOR][/U][/B]

[*] All bugs/dupes/errors faced are fixed.
[*]Very stable and runs smoothly without any lagg.
[*]Very good combat system with correct formulas.
[*]Redone all drop-rates and priced, very stable eco.
[*]Custom and unique minigames:
1. Survivor minigame. (35 waves ends up facing nex one to one, each wave you get rewarded to help you continue the game)
2. zombies killzone. (unlimites levels, each level the player gets weapon upgraded and small food)
3. blast furnace minigame. (skillers minigame, trains the smithing, very fun and the objects are animated)
[*]Custom features:
1. The most unique Yell system ever! (free colors editing, any custom title, supporting custom fonts. all for donators and for some mills of coins).
2. custom made from scratch Treasure Trails. (multiple maps, anagrams, misc)
3. rewritten clan-chat system to fit an eco server. (no bugs and reduces the memory, ranks no more supported, you can open any clan with any name, and a very efficient lootshare system..)
[*] Nex.
[*] summoning npcs attacks with you, steel titan spech.\
[*] The most special and unique Donator's zone! (the place is identical to drynor but in blocked area. (Unauthorized people cant go there).
[*] 100% notes tab! (colored notes, scroll bar, editing, clean code)

[B][COLOR="#800080"]Survivor minigame:[/COLOR][/B]


[B][COLOR="#800080"]Zombies Kill Zone:[/COLOR][/B]


[B][COLOR="#800080"]Blast Furnace:[/COLOR][/B]


[B][COLOR="#800080"]Yell System:[/COLOR][/B]


[B][COLOR="#800080"]Treasure Trails:[/COLOR][/B]


[B][COLOR="#800080"]Clan-Chat System:


[B][COLOR="#800080"]Notes Tab:[/COLOR][/B]


[B][COLOR="#800080"]Donator's Zone:[/COLOR][/B]


[B][COLOR="#800080"]Nex and steel titan:[/COLOR][/B]


steel titan:

[B][U][COLOR="#DAA520"]I'm willing so sell limited number of copies, and i didn't decided the price yet, so i welcome offers.[/COLOR][/U][/B]

[COLOR="#0033ff"][B][SIZE=4][COLOR="#0000FF"] You can contact me for further info via:
skype: "mr-m7md1"
email: "[email protected]"[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

[COLOR="#00FF00"]Copies sold: 0[/COLOR]

[*] I ONLY accept Paypal payments.
[*] I will NOT go first, You are welcome to get a MM.
[*] You are NOT allowed to release/re-sell the server or any of its features without a written approval from me.
[*] No refunds after the trade is complete.
[*] When sending the money, you will leave paypal note providing your Skype(name and id)/runelocus account(and the link to the account), and you will pm me here that everything is ok and vouch for here.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Note: No joke offers, and ill ignore any. please don't waste my time.[/COLOR] Edited by m7md1

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Unfortunately we do not allow the sale of RSPS clients or sources, too much scamming and people lying about what they sell :/.

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