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looking for a coder will pay $

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I'm looking for some 1 who would code my server I have source and client just needs to be coded ect but I also would like some thing added to the server such as
a custom owner crown
::di (donator island)
::staff (staff zone)
admin power be changed (were they can't spawn items or max, but be able to trade)
dragon kite shield
lime whip
lava whip
barrows whip
bandos whip
dragon whip
lime santa hat

if you think you can code this stuff send me a private message with a price (please nothing insane), (or can give co- and 60% of donations)

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Not to throw you off, but you could easily find tutorials for most of these stuff to save yourself money.

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I'll do it for you, but I agree with Daedalus, unless your super rich or lazy, i'd suggest looking up some tutorials and doing it yourself.

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Sure, contact me on skype: Nshorty

(name: Charlie dalgaard)

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