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Looking to help with a server, any revision

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Alright, a little about me, I'm 16, I live in Georgia in the U.S. I'm a junior in high school. I currently have a job so I can work on a server Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Requirements for your server -

Must be Eclipse ready (no servers that null imported into Eclipse).
Doesn't have to be online, but I'd also like to have something that has a forums/website etc.. A server with potential
Something unique, don't even bother asking for me to help on a TizenX remake
Other developers should have equal or greater knowledge (not "developers" that can move portals).

My works are Adrastos 667 (me and Gircat worked on it for a bit), and I helped with Allastasia a little bit (was new then). I've been in a computer science class, but it's online so I don't like it. I've been actually learning Java for only a couple of months, but I've been with RsPs for maybe a year and a half.

Sorry this thread sucks I only have a couple minutes left of class. Please message me on Skype, "M0nst32" (0 is a zero) or message me on here.

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