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[B]Welcome to RunePwn[/B]
Some of you may already know us. We are glad to announce that the server is back online. Featuring an all new server, with the best performance to make your gaming experience enjoyable. Come and check us out, you will never regret it. We have a nice growing community, a stable economy and best of all, a custom exp selector. You play the way you want.

We have a full vBulletin 5 license, but we are currently unable to use it due to our webhost being restricted. Will be featuring IPBoards within the next few days so that we can replace simple machines. Make sure you register on the forums so that you are updated with future movements of the server.

[B]Server overview and key features[/B]
You can select your EXP rate.
There are over 15 bosses.
Active staff members.
Full clan setup system with ranking.
RS2 Game engine and netty framework.
Stable economy.
Fully working castle wars.
The list just goes on.

[B]Server Media[/B]
More media coming soon!
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]
[IMG] [/IMG]

[B]What can we offer you?[/B]
We offer you a nice server where you can level up fast or slow or even in the middle. What ever exp rate you like. Also, there are 21 working skills to train so you will never be bored. We have a unique home with plenty of room for extention. [COLOR="#FF0000"]The first 5 players will be given a chaotic of their choice![/COLOR]

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