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Project-insanity [Final Version]

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Website - [url]http://www.project-insanity.com[/url]
co-owner - daniel
forums - vbulletin
patch release - .4.2PL (custom patch)

Updates -
Renamed/repackaged the source
implemented better following/attacking/walking/etc
re-worked npc movement
removed all the shitty castlewars classes
re-worked npc drops to allow for double drops, etc

Technical updates (advanced stuff)
Implemented netty using it's own class instead of config
Garbage collector implemented and a few small mem leaks fixed (mainly catching except's)
better client debug interface with fps,mem,co-ords,mouse location,mouse speed,zoom,object location id's, live anim display


Currently working on - Implementing an mp3 player into the client

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