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[HELP] Getting mapdata from RS & Citadel objects placement.


Greeting runelocus,

i have a few questions.

[U]1/ How do i steal mapdata from runescape and import them into my server?[/U]

[U]2/ I have placed some objects in my citadel, now i have 2 problems. But i think i know the answer to one of them.[/U]
2.1/I have placed the tree plot but the roots dont seem to be placed really well. (see picture)

2.2/On the tree plot there should be water where the bridge is crossing the land. Well the water isnt there
(i assume this is because the mapdata is incorrect)

[URL="http://gyazo.com/21c54dacbfaa91297e211e2760aa48a7"]Picture link[/URL]

(i am in a runescape clan with clan citadel level 7 i can steal a really nice citadel , but i need some help with it)
(I NEED AN OFFLINE DUMPER, i know there was an online dumper but that quited a while ago)

Thanks in advance Edited by blancke

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