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1. About
An IDE is a bundle of helpful tools to make programming easier and more structured. There are many tools out there that do this; specifically for java there is Netbeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ. These are probably the most noteworthy. I'm not sure if there are other programs out there. Netbeans is in overall the better one of the three. IntelliJ is a bit more sophisticated but not free and quite complicated to get started with. It is the more likely program to be used by corporations.

Netbeans is open source and quite sophisticated in comparisson to Eclipse and provides an easy-to-use development environment. If you move computers alot Eclipse is probably the best choice because Eclipse runs without installing. You can put it on an USB stick and take your entire environment with you. It is however less sophisticated.

2. The common .bat or .cmd scripts
So most of you are probably familiar with the common "run.bat" and "compile.bat". They seem to be the standard way of working in the RSPS community. I cannot stress enough how bad this way is. The java compiler on its own cannot compile recursively. In other words when your file is not explicitly mentioned or otherwise not included in the * wildcard it will not be compiled even if its directory is in the compiler arguments inside the batch file.

When developing you should NEVER use batch files for your application. However running your server for prolonged periods should be done with a batch file or the server should be built into a jar file to run by opening the jar file.

3. Why can't I use notepad?
If you know exactly what you're doing and if you don't make big edits or make big things then it's not a crime to use notepad(++). As you know java's syntax is made out of blocks of statements indicated by '{' and '}'. In notepad you have no help at all to indicate wether you are missing a '}' or not. Also correct names of methods, overview of code, Java API methods will not be shown in notepad(++). Notepad++ provides basic syntax highlighting but cannot correct syntax errors like an IDE.

4. So how do I set up my project?

  4.1 Netbeans  The first thing you should do is create a project. You can do this by navigating to  File>New Projector by pressing the "create new project"button. You will then get an interface to further set up your project.    Here you have two options; you either select    Java>Java ApplicationorJava>Java Application with Existing Resources.    Personally I always choose Java Application because this way I create a duplicate of the code (will be explained later).        After picking    Java>Java Applicationyou will see a new window where you may specify a name and a project location. You also need to check "Use dedicated folder for storing libraries" and uncheck "Create main class".    You may then click on "Finish" to create your project. Once it's created you will see your project in the Projects Explorer window like this    .    Open the directory of your server and you will see all the files and directories like data, lib, src, bin, ...        Keep this open and open a new file browser to go to the location of your Netbeans Project Directory in my case "    C:\Users\Admin\Documents\NetBeansProjects\probablythebestscape". You will see yet another list of files and folders. Notice how there is also a folder calledsrc. Yes you're right. This is where the contents of thesrcfolder of your server will go. Copy the content from the serversrcfolder over to the projectsrcfolder.    In netbeans your project directory is the working directory of your application. So also the    Datafolder has to be copied over to the Project directory. And finally you need to copy your server libraries over to thelibfolder of your project. These libraries are placed in a folder calledlibordepsorlibsor something simmilar.    Once you have done that your files are ready to go. Now back to Netbeans. In your project explorer you should notice a section called Libraries    . Right click on it and selectAdd jar/folder. Navigate to your project folder and go to thelibfolder. Select all files in there and press open.      That's it. Your project is ready to go. You don't need to compile because Netbeans does this automatically. Running the server can be done with the      F6function key or the green play button at the top.    Netbeans' compiled classes are stored in your project folder under    build>classes. If you need to fill in application arguments you can do this under the properties of your project. You may right click on your project name and select properties and underrun>Argumentsyou may fill in your arguments.   
4.2 Eclipse       For a tutorial on how to set up a server in Eclipse please follow one of the following links:    Have your IDE of choice installed and running Have your server/client files ready Brain        Tylerr -How to start a 718 server(misleading title, explains how to use eclipse but has other stuff explained too)     Youtube -How to load an RSPS through eclipse