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Zamorak Framework [ANY REVISION]

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Today I come up with something competely different.

Basic information

NETWORKING: You choose. :)
REVISION: You choose. :)

Finished files
[*] AbstractSkill
[*] ISAACCipher
[*] PacketHandler
[*] Player (Player details)
[*] Appearence (ofc add your own stuff there) base is done
[*] OutputStream

This is basically just a framework and competely unfinished, but for people who wants to start from scratch I suggest using this to start off. This framework doesn't even have networking implemented which means you can select which networking you will use. The reason why I release this unfinished project is that when I do RSPS i work with Argon OSRS.
Download the project[/B]


Packet handling example

-Fuzen Seth (most of work).
-Dragonkk & CJay (for some programming ideas).

Best of luck with your project. Edited by FUZENSETH

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I wish I had the knowledge to build a source from the ground up. I'm going to download this anyways, maybe someday :D. I scanned through it a bit and the amount of commenting and documenting you do is very nice, thanks for the share.

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