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Common Support Queries

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There has been a recent arise of multiple threads asking for the same assistance or services that are easily answered in 5 seconds. As such this thread was created to ensure users know what Support is for.

- Q: XXXX is vote cheating!


Please report them in Toplist Appeals & Reports section.


- Q: This member broke a rule! Ban him!

Report the offending post, or if it happened in the chat box PM a staff member.



- Q: Your callbacks are broken!


Are you using a third-party callback program? If so read response A, if not read response B.


A: Are you sure the program you are using is working correctly? Are you using the right callbacks?



- Q: How do I get a sponsorship with RuneLocus? How do I get a banner on the top-list? How much does it cost? etc.






- Q: My RuneLocus Advertisement thread vanished! Where did it go?

Your thread may of been in violation of section rules, see the full advertisement section rules.



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