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Avarrocka Client - April version - Release.

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You people always looked at Avarrocka as a server with corrupted future. People ignored it for the enormous threads that were posted over and over. Therefore the client got leaked and I'm releasing that version. Our team have done a lot of updates since so I don't really see as something bad to release this. Enjoy!

[B][I][COLOR="#FF8C00"]Download:[/COLOR][/I][/B] [url=https://mega.co.nz/#!Y1xDzTzb!X5CCa71JnW74SOWZT_LT3T096JtaV6SaXlj4bTrof6E]Package (client & asteria 2.0)[/url]


[*]High quality content
[*]Fog (Depth buffering).
[*]Small fraction of the custom gameframe.
[*]UI System (gameframes in both fixed and resize modes).
[*]All 474 Data.
[*]Good aesthetics(can still be improved).
[*]Error system.
[*]Sprite packing tool included(open source) Thanks [USER]Galkon[/USER].
[*]Few interfaces packed(code & sprites).
[*]Much more...

[*]It's not a host ready server/client.
[*]You may expect some bugs.








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[INDENT][/INDENT][quote name='mosh bosh']Im a noob :P how to run?[/QUOTE]

What do you mean? the server? the client?, I'll tell you a fix for both.
Just 1 QUESTION do you have JDK because you need that?
If you don't just search for it on Google.

Any way after you've downloaded that go and edit the .bat file(s) to your version of JDK. Need more help? Just message me. Edited by kamakamakaze
wrong line

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