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[quote name='kostas132']can someone help me with this i want to play but i don't know how skype:intelko2[/QUOTE]

if you don't know how to download the server and the clients do a forum search or look under the help section plenty of info for anyone wanting to start
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[quote name='BigRob']fix the separated saving or remove the Json saving and implement the saving used from the previous revisions
saving would be perfect sorry for double posts[/QUOTE]

you do realize that JSON saving is way better than the older ways right?
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Yes it is better
but not much would have been better to have a combined save table
player name, skill total, skill levels, friends list, ignore list, clan, friends chat, bank items, equipped items, player owned ports achievements
you get the idea

the thing I hate with the framework doesn't load the saves , something is missing somewhere
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I'll make this as simple as it can get for you in case you are clueless
step 1 google.com
step 2 search Eclipse kepler IDE
step 3 install it on you pc
step 4 open eclipse
step 5 go to the window tab on the tool bar go down to open perspective
open perspective -> Package Explorer
step 6 on the left side where package explorer is right click go down to Import
step 7 click the first 1 says General
step 8 click existing projects into workspace
step 9 go to where u have RuneLove 3 source click ok or whatever to import
step 10 double click Better Version in the package explorer window
step 11 right click the main folder name Better Version go down to Run as Java application
a window will pop up scroll down to "Launcher" org.virtue.launcher
step 12 Congratulations you have started Runelove 3

Make sure the cache is on your desktop give a thanks if this helped you
this source isn't able to be played like Runescape there is alot of things missing its a rough start basically a template
there is only 1 source that is online right now that is able to be played its about 60% complete

Support RuneScape by playing the game from their website much better than private servers to be honest

this is the new age we don't use run.bats for 800+ :P
run.bat is old school Edited by BigRob
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