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Other users get an Error in my Webclient [EXTREME HELP] please


NOTE: I'm Verisimilitude from r-s. I honestly need help with this. I followed a bunch of tuts and videos for the past 7 hours as of now and no luck.
Been having them do this for too long, and it's painful seeing them have to use up some of their time because I couldn't find myself a useful tut that has my desire needs.

[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]-[/COLOR] I deleted all the [COLOR="#FFFFFF"].java[/COLOR] & [COLOR="#FFFFFF"].bat[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]-[/COLOR] Made sure my signlink is finding the cache in the located folder.
[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]-[/COLOR] Created the Webclient from [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]JarMaker[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]-[/COLOR] Signed the Webclient
[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]-[/COLOR] I open the Webclient and works perfectly with the no-ip
[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]-[/COLOR] I put the Webclient to the [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Dropbox[/COLOR] for my cousins and brother to test out if it'll work for them.
[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]-[/COLOR] They open it
[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]-[/COLOR] If I don't sign the Webclient it just says [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Unable to load/download "server" cache[/COLOR]
[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]-[/COLOR] But if I jar sign the Webclient, it then says [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]connecting to file server[/COLOR] 3 seconds later... [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Unable to load/download "server" cache[/COLOR]

Is there something i'm suppose to do with the cache within the Client folder becoming a Webclient? Or it's simply I'm missing something?

For some tuts, when I sign it I get this picture under me. Otherwise others is just the certificate.txt/certificate.exe

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