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[MATRIX] Caskets [718] + [667]

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I wouldn't made a java file but my Caskets java got more content.

About the release: I'm giving you a simple casket opening system, it contains no bugs and can be used straight away. [B]
NOTE: MY packaging is different than yours, please replace the com.enso. imports to com.rs.[/B]

Let's begin. So first you add Caskets.java to com.rs.game.player.content;
[CODE]package com.enso.game.player.content;

import com.enso.game.item.Item;
import com.enso.game.player.Player;
import com.enso.utils.Utils;
* @author Fuzen Seth
* @information Represents the caskets.
public class Caskets {

* Casket rewards.
private static final int[] ITEM_REWARDS = {1712, 1215, 4587, 1305, 1079, 1127, };

* Open a casket.
public static final boolean lootCasket(Player player, Item item) {
if (player.isDead())
return false;
if (item.getName().equals("Casket")) {
player.getInventory().deleteItem(item.getId(), 1);
player.sendMessage("You loot the casket!");
switch (Utils.getRandom(1)) {
case 0: // The gold coin reward.
if (!player.isDonator())
player.getInventory().addItem(995, Utils.random(50000, 150000));
player.getInventory().addItem(995, Utils.random(75000, 190000));
return true;
case 1: //The item reward.
player.getInventory().addItem(ITEM_REWARDS[Utils.getRandom(ITEM_REWARDS.length - 1)], 1);
return true;
return false;


Next go to InventoryOptions handler and add this
[CODE] if (Caskets.lootCasket(player, item))

Hope I saved your time. :)


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