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Today was a rough day, did not get as much accomplished as I wanted to. Where do I start?

Well first of all, you may have all noticed that our forums is fresh to a new start. This is because Light and Justin were able to use hidden accounts and destroy the forums. We were able to recover data, however it was time that we started fresh on the forums. So we started this off by purchasing a legitimate IPBoard lisence so that we are running off of official software and have access to all of the hooks and downloads we need to make our forums awesome. @5ive and [MENTION=1933]Shadow[/MENTION] are working hard on restoring the forums and making it a lot more organized and easy to use. The next few days you will see major improvements. There are some things that you can claim back:

If you have a thread that you lost and would like to post it again without rewriting it, refer to this: [url]http://elveron.org/community/index.php?/topic/3-recovering-your-posts/[/url]

If you want your forums points that you earned transfered to your new forums account here, refer to this: [url]http://elveron.org/community/index.php?/topic/58-claim-forum-points/[/url]

If you are requesting your donator or forums rank back, refer to this: [url]http://elveron.org/community/index.php?/topic/87-request-your-rank/[/url]

On the bright side, we hit a record of 85 registrations in less than 10 hours :P Hopefully we will see great things to come with our brand new and improved forums. Themes and such are still being tweaked so please be patient.

Next, we now have gone over the rewards and events and [MENTION=36533]Phile[/MENTION]lelele 's schedule is now posted in his Events section ( [url]http://elveron.org/community/index.php?/topic/91-weekly-event-schedule/[/url] ). Here you can find all you need so that you will not be missing out on these awesome events. Get ready for a great time with the community! We will also be implementing a beautiful calender with a more user friendly way of viewing and scheduling the events. Can't wait to see you!

Lastly, we have an awesome new game mode that people have long been awaiting, THE IRON MAN MODE! Test your abilities and chose the hardest game mode possible when creating a new account. This is a very competitive game mode and will appear on the highscores very soon.

WARNING: If caught getting items on an iron man mode account from a regular player account, the iron man account will be permanently disabled. Cheating on an extremely competitive mode is unacceptable and we have enough information logged to know whether an item is legitimate or not.

You guys may appreciate these updates today, I pin pointed things that were of great importance and turned one of the worst days possible into something more positive.

- Fixed an exploit with staff pin being avoided.
- White Portal FFA is now up and running, in preparation for awesome events!
- Increased a lot of security all over the server.
- Enhanced the trade logs, now extremely detailed for security reasons.
- We now have a legit IPBoard Lisence (woo hoooo!)
- New forums set up, new theme, MAJOR CONSTRUCTION.
- New Wilderness registration system to keep track of who is in the Wilderness so bugs can't be abused.
- Iron Man mode can now be selected in Character Creation.
- Players in Iron Man mode have no Strength Cap and Increased Drop Rates on rare items.
- Added in all the Iron Man restrictions, giving the game mode it's meaning.
- Iron Man will be in the highscores very soon, don't worry.

Thread Link: [url]http://elveron.org/community/index.php?/topic/95-iron-man-mode-white-portal-and-more/[/url]

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So, I planned on releasing a lot today such as fixes and what not, however my computer decided to act up and I can't finish coding the updates. That means there are unfinished things on the server right now and I can't restart. I will post the updates tomorrow and I will try to fix up my computer and finish the updates in the morning. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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I apologize my absence for the afternoon/night. I have 5 midyears and 4 projects this week, and I need to get ahead of my game so that I am not suffering. So, the last half of the day was consumed with school work and then tomorrow may be busy as well.

However good news, two actually. First of all, Stealing Creations beta v2 occurred today and it is absolutely fun. Most of the bugs from the first beta were patched and the game is running ALOT more smoothly (can still be tested by donators). I just have a few more things to fix and finish then it will be released to the public.

Secondly, I am very happy to have heard from @Chloe today, and since things started to smooth out for him, Chloe is now returning to the Elveron team. Many people may not know who Chloe is because he had to leave quite a while a go, more than a month ago due to events in real life that Chloe didn't want to effect the server. We thought that was the last we would see of Chloe on Elveron, however I was so excited to hear back today. Chloe has EXTREMELY helped us with the stability of our server in the past and has successfully kept Elveron up and running. Now what was Chloe's job? Chloe was our first and only technician of the server. Chloe did any technical tasks such as maintaining hardware on the Dedicated Server, guiding me through the process of converting our server environment from Windows to Linux, properly allocating our resources and network for smoother performances, fixing issues with the server including solving nulls and such when I am not available, etc. Chloe does a lot and was immensly recognized for his work when he was around and we will get started tomorrow when I wake up and have another chat with him.

- Fixed a null pointer with ground items
- Players that could not create Iron Man mode accounts can now properly.
- Iron Man NPC drops no longer stick to the ground forever.
- Added some more restrictions to prevent Iron Man smuggles.
- Players no longer lose items in the White Portal.
- Remade skillcape requirements cause Fox is bae...
- Added in accept aid for Lunar Spells (because people like to group veng everyone).
- Accept Aid can now be toggled in Settings.
- Rewrote a lot of Castle Wars in preparation for Phil's big event!
- Added a ::kdr command to see kills and deaths along with a ratio.
- There are also PKing highscores found in Edgeville.
- Gravestones that were not letting certain game modes pick up items are solved.

Thread Link: [url]http://elveron.org/community/index.php?/topic/183-accept-aid-minigames-and-fixes/[/url]

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Well, the minigame that you all have been asking for is finally here. Stealing Creations, and I am beyond excited about this moment. For once, I released a minigame after weeks of development and after many beta testing sessions, rather than releasiing incomplete or buggy minigames. Now this may have a few bugs because nothing is perfect, however it is very close to the actual thing.

HUGE shoutout to help from Brennen (taht one guy) for the MAJOR help on making this minigame possible. He provided the fundamentals of what we are using for our base, he provided his knowledge of the minigame to get it as realistic as possible, and has been a major assistance in this giant update.

- Added a head icon for Iron Man users so they can stand apart from the crowd.
- The elemental and catalytic runes now work in Fists of Guthix.
- Made the appropriate login message for staff ranks.
- Added more ranks to the quest tab player rankings (donators, support, gfx, etc.)
- Updated the list of commands found using the command ::commands
- Fixed so many grammatical mistakes I made in the past (I spelled "received" wrong 50 times, etc.).
- Both Virtus and Ahrim's Wands now have stat-s.
- Possible fix to Death Trading (GET REKT).
- Comp cape will now act like an Ava's Accumulator.
- Reduced the Comp Cape penguin requirements to 150.
- Added a Stealing Creations task to the Completionist Cape, yehhh boi keep up with the new content!
- Changed the Comp Cape examine to something more fitting.
- Stealing Creations is now publicy released.
- Maps for games are generated based on player levels and lobby size (eg. it won't generate hotspots that no one has the level for).
- More players in the game -> bigger map.
- Randomized generating of maps for each game, strategically placing the hotspots and such.
- Lobby handling system for both of the teams, clan lobby is currently disabled.
- Proper climbing over the stiles (in and out, registering and deregistering).
- Added all of the proper game restrictions according to RS Wiki (money, items, familiars, etc.)
- Lobby interface complete with combat/skilling stats combined and players needed to start.
- Added in those objects around in the lobby that you may need to interact with.
- Added every single food and potion into the Stealing Creation game.
- Creation Kiln's interface is complete with selecting class types, levels, products, etc.
- Barriers can be created, allowing the proper team to enter and blocking the enemy team.
- Barriers can properly be attacked and broken down with a giant force.
- Players can deposit all of their items for rewards on the table.
- Team mates can pick up x amount of specific items on the tables at their bases.
- Added the dialogues to the base leaders allowing players to cure/heal themselves, leave the game, or just chat (waste time).
- Players can both pick pocket and give items to players that are on their teams.
- Added all of the hotspots for skilling, combat, fragments, etc.
- All of the objects work in the Stealing Creations game.
- Stealing Creations points accurately calculated according to the RS Wiki (pre eoc).
- All of the Runes/Arrows/Weapons/Armor work properly and are well balanced for the games.
- Count down interface warns you when there is only one minute left.
- Added every single proper level requirement for all activities in the game, skill wise.
- PvP, death, etc. works completely in the game plane.
- Added in systems to detect cheating or smuggling in and out of the game.
- Players can successfully disguise themselves in the clouds of smoke/fog/w.e. that big blurb is.
- Added in all the obstacles such as wall climbing, crevice jumping, and giant ice mountains.
- All of the Stealing Creations familiars have been added and have their proper special abilities.
- Beast of Burden can be properly used with the Clay Familiars.
- Accurate game statistics showing who won, team points, individual scores, ranks (see RS Wiki for more info on Ranks)
- Added the rewards shop, displaying of points, purchasing items.
- Volatile tools can be transformed into a random Volatile tool (x2 xp for use).
- Sacred Clay tools can be selected from a Proto-Tool (x1.75 xp for use).
- Added in the random pieces of armor/weapons/shields/etc. for the rewards.
- Added proper degrading, stats, and weapon styles to all the rewards and game items.

Thread Link: [url]http://elveron.org/community/index.php?/topic/208-stealing-creations-dreams-do-come-true/[/url]

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Small day, but for good reasons. I have two projects due tomorrow so there went my entire day (literally have been working non stop). Anyways amazing things to come this week, even a new Tournament minigame (spoiler alert) that will really spice up PvP, especially for players who can't afford the equipment. I will mention more about this in the upcoming days :3

- Touched up Master Capes and the requirements.
- Fixed up the permissions for Donator pets.
- Improved charge handling for Sacred Clay and Volatile tools.
- Added proper bonuses to the skilling tools from Stealing Creations.
- A couple of fixes for Stealing Creations.

Thread Link: [url]http://elveron.org/community/index.php?/topic/233-small-fixes/[/url]

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Even more school work today, long swim practice. It is 1:30am and I am pretty tired so I won't write a paragraph today. Lot's of future updates to come.

- Major progress on a huge future Dungeoneering update.
- Progress on multi floor level and type handling.
- Testing of new Dungeoneering map generating.
- Start on multi Dungeoneering, including the Ring of Daehmonheim.
- All of the configs for the ring including floor/difficulty selection, etc.
- Iron Man mode is now part of the highscores.
- Fixed some dupes up with the Duel Arena in preparation for the return of the Duel Arena.
- Minor fixes with some recent null pointers.

Thread Link: [url]http://elveron.org/community/topic/250-iron-man-highscores/[/url]

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Exciting moment in my life. I had a bit of spare time and [MENTION=42304]CHANCE[/MENTION] taught me some of his GFX skills and now I am able to make our daily update GFX myself. However I am hoping I can learn more than just this and expand beyond my horizons cause I find GFX so fascinating. Yes, I DID THE GFX FOR TODAY :D Not Chance quality, but it takes practice <3

Anyways, some more fixes and small updates that people have wanted. I will be active Friday night, till then I still have my busiest school week ever o.o Hope you guys are having fun and I can see that we are starting to make a come back, who knows maybe we can reach averaging 80 online once again and then push our limits to 100 soon :o

- More work on Dungeoneering Parties, cause who doesn't like to explore in groups?
- Fixed Highscores updating with Iron Man accounts.
- Further testing and patches for the Duel Arena, coming soon.
- Falconry no longer eats your weapon slot items and adds it to your inventory.
- Cleaned out the Highscores, got rid of non legit accounts.
- Added Void Knight Gloves to the Pest Control rewards.
- Increased the amount of Pest Control points per game.
- Added in Loot Beams to any drop of value 1,000,000gp+ (including stacked amounts).
- This way, players will know if they have a valuable loot or not.

Thread Link: [url]http://elveron.org/community/topic/276-loot-beams-and-more/[/url]

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Very busy day today studying for my 3 mid years tomorrow -_____________- Anyways, I will see you guys tomorrow afternoon since I will be coming home a bit late. Can't wait for this extended weekend, there is a lot to come :D

Also, bought some banners for us today that will last us around 3 months on a few great websites (spent quite a lot) and I'm hoping we can soon reach that milestone of 100 average.

- Again, major continued work on Dungeoneering.
- Dungeoneering floor progression complete.
- Purple sweets now give their energy effect.
- Stealing Creations wins now count towards your completionist cape.
- Minor core improvements.
- Continued work on improving Stealing Creations.

Thread Link: [url]http://elveron.org/community/topic/301-dungeoneering-update-progress/[/url]

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Due to the fact that I have been extremely busy on weekdays due to school and sports, barely having time to code, I have made a desicion with King Fox. It has been very stressful for me to squeeze in updates on my busy weekdays every single day, usually late at night. And with the size of our server, it is overwhelming to keep up with the flow of requests coming in each day. Therefore, we have added an addition to our development team: [MENTION=43923]taht one guy[/MENTION] .

This individual I have known for a quite a while and I have a lot of trust in him which he has earned over a long time. He is very talented and has a vast knowledge of RuneScape, putting lot's of detail into the content he produces. Brennen is also very meticulous with his content and thoroughly tests things before putting them into the live server, producing very high quality and efficient content. He also has experience running servers from the past and knows how to interact with the community and pull in ideas/suggestions/bugs that are important and will work hard to improve Elveron. He is the guy who has MAJORLY helped in our development of Stealing Creations and has amazed me with everything he has done in the past. This will not only progress Elveron further to being one of the most advanced servers out there, but will also make the server more enjoyable and relieve the stress from both King Fox and I.

Introduce yourselves to him :) There is a lot to come this weekend, however I do bid warning:

I will be gone half of Saturday due to community service and all of Sunday because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY :DDDDD

- Completed Stealing Creations Mystic dialogue.
- Fixed Stealing Creations bubble null problem.
- Made Barrier attacking an action in Stealing Creation.
- Completed Stealing Creation Kiln interface options.
- Patched being able to put untradeables in clan bank.
- Burning logs with adze counts towards Skiller tasks.
- NPC's stop autoattacking afk players.
- Players can use commands like answer and yell in minigames.
- Added the special to Dragonfire Shields, now they have use.
- Glacites now have their proper combat scripts :DDDDDDDDDD
- Metal Dragons no longer breathe fire every single move.

Thread Link: [url]http://elveron.org/community/topic/333-developer-taht-one-guy/[/url]

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