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Custom Items help pls :)


So I am trying to add dragon claws to my PI server.

I have done every step to adding a custom item but however, I can add the both model ids successfully, but the claws appear invisible.
I am able to wear them/right click them, but not attack or see them.

I read [url="http://www.*****************/runescape-development/rs2-client/tutorials/407646-pi-adding-dragon-claws-client-side.html"]this[/url] guide (aswell as 100s of others) and it told me to do this:

Now look for.
Change to:

But when I do this everything compiles fine, but when I run the client I get [url="http://gyazo.com/16d1023449788661db3079c3223e166a"]this.[/url]

Basically what I am asking is how do I prevent this error message and how can I make the claws visible?

PLEASE help I have looked everywhere but I cannot find a solution, thanks.

(I know adding // back in will let the client startup fine, but this guide tells me to remove them for it to work?)

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