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[PAYPAL] Website Development Services, Animated Graphics, RSPS + More [30+ Vouches]

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[center][ADMIN=Information][B][COLOR="#00FF00"][SIZE=4]81 Successful Transactions[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

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Hello Users,

Welcome to my freelance services / shop. My services include website design + development, full set-ups of websites, forums set-ups, voting scripts, donation scripts, highscores and even RSPS related services. I've been a qualified website developer for a little over 7 years now. Some may ask why are you here at the age of 22 ? Simply because it makes a little more money on top of my business. My work is very high quality so if you're looking for decent work the price isn't cheap. I hold all the copyrights to any designs made under my company MYWEB. I also offer very slick animated banners for advertisements of your servers which can also be viewed below.

[ADMIN=Previous Work][center]
[/center]Here's a list of my latest projects

[url=http://pkmadness.org]PKMadness 614[/url]
[url=http://guildsofveldahar.com/]Guilds Of Veldahar[/url]
[url=http://ultimatescape2.com]UltimateScape - The Most Innovative[/url]
[url=http://luzoxpk.net]LuzoxPK - Pk Server[/url]

[B]All templates are copyrighted to the correct persons, [COLOR="#FF0000"]Attempting to steal these designs will warrant a notice to your host.[/COLOR] You have been warned.[/B]

[spoiler=Main Websites & Forums]
If you need a custom built website (HTML, CSS, JS) I can make you a custom quote either through PM or via Skype (Located on my profile) Prices on a website will depend on type of website, amount of content and time needed in order to finish the project.

I can set up any type of forums, I'd recommend to all my customers vBulletin as I hold a license myself and can access all plugins / skins. Prices on these set ups will vary depending on the features needed for your forums.

[spoiler=Animated Banners]
All banners created are priced by the time taken. If I feel your slides are an excessive amount then additional charges will be applied.


























[spoiler=Advertisement Layouts]

I am currently selling copies of my highscores (SET PRICE OF $30) -:



- Compare Users
- Light Up Arrows ( Correct Paging )
- Works with practically any server
- Can be implemented into forums
- Search By Username
- Search By Rank
- Order By Overall
- Order By Stat

[spoiler=Vote Systems]
If you need a voting system added to your website, this can be arranged. Pick your script and I'll set it up, Custom made scripts will come at a bigger fee.

[spoiler=How it works]
Any customer who wishes to purchase a service from me will always pay upfront, due to recent scam attempts and chargeback attempts I will be protecting my selling to a very high standard.

Refunds: Accepted refunds can take up to 72 hours to process.

[spoiler=Payment Methods & Terms]

PayPal Email; [email][email protected][/email] (I will never ask for money to be sent to a different PayPal)

Attempting to charge back a service before discussing it with me will warrant your hosting to be taken offline if hosted by me. Any disputes opened will also warrant a DMCA to your hosting if hosted elsewhere. You've been warned.

[B][COLOR="#FF0000"]I reserve the right to with-hold payment of rude customers and reserve the right to decline a refund and terminate your services at any time without any notice, rude customers will not be refunded and services will be instantly terminated.[/COLOR][/B]

[B]All payments are non-refundable once services have been commenced.[/B]

Dan Edited by MyWeb

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[quote name='Xhar']big vouch did me some work 100% smooth, thanks again![/QUOTE]
[quote name='Samar_']Vouch for him ^[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Ravenboss']Vouch made me a banner, and it was delivered fast.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Elastic']Vouch, was easy to work with, and it looks great.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Authentic']bump + vouch, is doing some good work for me right now, once all done, ill gladly show you all![/QUOTE]
[quote name='apwpk']vouch for this guy made me animated banner ty[/QUOTE]
[quote name='PKOS']Huge vouch for this guy! Made my logo and banner! He works very fast and is easy to communicate with. His prices are very cheap for the overall product he delivers. I recommend using this guy for any and all of your needs. +++REP from me![/QUOTE]
[quote name='Abnant']Vouch for this fella. Made me an animated banner, really nice.

Thanks :)[/QUOTE]
[quote name='qpanel']vouch - awesome services added any changes i wanted no problem ++
[quote name='Nr1Atiloc']Vouch[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Jarrod_']Layout is looking awesome love it![/QUOTE]
[quote name='Someone']Vouch for him, done my homepage.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Jason']Vouch for Diesel, for a reasonable price he gave me exactly what I was looking for. Great job man, and best of luck.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='Tenacious']Vouch for diesel!! Very nice guy, fast, and professional! Made my banner, [url]https://www.rsps.net/images/draynor.gif[/url]

Will definently send people his way!![/QUOTE]
[quote name='mikersps']i am currently having diesel make a landing page for ultimatescape. I must say he is very hard working and skilled at what he does. He started the work pretty much immediately and continue for the next 7 or so hours. He is very much motivated to get stuff done to a good quality unlike many other developers.

If you need any web services, this is your guy![/quote]
[quote name='chachai']Worked with this guy, super fast, clean, cheap, and profressional.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='FiveRiverFlo']Vouch for Diesel, does great work, and actually experienced at it unlike others :p

[quote name='Someone']Vouch, very good at what he does. He designed my Donation & Highscore system.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='RustScape']This guy is an amazing person. Once i got enough money to buy his service he starting working right away. Not only the is website amazing but also it doesnt even take him that long. If you wat to pay for website or forum service go with diesel hes amazing! Thanks again diesel![/QUOTE]
[quote name='figgatt23']vouch for diesel very fast work great guy to deal with will be using him again for more work in the near future.
Thanks again m8![/quote]
[quote name='A Deja Vu']Vouch 100% - Very Fast & Reliable

He responded to a thread of mine very fast offered him a bit more to get it done asap, which he came though! I suggest this guy for any work for logos or advertisements![/QUOTE]
[quote name='mr selby']Vouch! great guy to work with and very fast![/QUOTE]
[quote name='Hank']Vouch for Diesel. Trustworthy man. <3[/QUOTE]
[quote name='andy1993']vouch for this guy, 100% safe and trusted, his work is flawless.[/quote]
[quote name='developer ollie']vouch for danny, known for ages[/quote]
[quote name='anthony']vouch, bought a banner from him and it was quick and easy! I went first.[/quote]
[quote name='customx718']vouch for diesel, made my sexy sig :)[/quote]
[quote name='mask']vouch for diesel, known him for a few years now (aubrey anne tho) l0l
vouch bro[/quote]
[quote name='R3D Barrage'][COLOR="#FFFF00"][FONT=System][B][U]HUGE[/U] vouch for my man Diesel! He does such amazing work at such a fast and professional pace. I go to him for everything rsps related or not and he gets it done fast and for a fair price![/B][/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE]
[quote name='luzio445']vouch for this guy.

Knows what he's doing and really a helpfull person![/quote]
[quote name='Mind Games']Amazing Work, Worth Every Penny. Thanks so much, vouch.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='relevance']vouch, best service ever.[/quote]
[quote name='jellegfx']vouch for diesel, love his work (:[/quote]
[quote name='fourshorty']big vouch for this guy for helping me alot with my highscores :d[/quote]
[quote name='tastevengeance']vouch![/quote]
[quote name='icreate forums']vouch, disel added in everything i needed and then some. Would recommend for anyone. Paid up front not 1 problem[/quote]
[quote name='craigshotter08']vouch for diesel, he fixed up my autovote system and gave me lots of extra help and explained what he was doing so i could understand, i also went first, he's very reliable and quick.[/quote]
[quote name='im_cudi']vouche, he made me a website with highscores and will be making me auto-vote tomorrow worked really fast and hard and did a great job :)[/quote]
[quote name='pax_']would highly recommend using diesel, most trusted.[/quote]
[quote name='intellz']massive vouch, did everything i needed quickly![/quote]
[quote name='ivo']worth every penny :) made me 2 banners and logo.[/quote]
[quote name='figgatt23']Another vouch for you m8....
Stayed up to help me out and worked through some annoying ass things to get the job done.... If any one needs any thing done Diesel is the guy to go to!
I will be needing more things soon m8 and will be using you!
Thanks again bro[/QUOTE]
[quote name='soulnous']Vouch for him! thanks alot diesel[/QUOTE]
[quote name='maximumz']Thanks man u do great work[/QUOTE]
[quote name='djzone24']The best decision I've ever made, if you're looking for high quality work, this is the go to guy.[/QUOTE]
[quote name='raptors2']Vouch for this guy amazing job![/QUOTE]
[quote name='ipkmills']vouch[/QUOTE] Edited by MyWeb

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a gif banner. How much would that cost?

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Between $15 - $20 usually, this will all depend on complexity and amount of slides.

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bump - bump

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