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Chronicscape Project v2 Final Release


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So I have not had much time to work on this for a little while. You may be asking why release v2? Well it is simple... Some people have got a hold of my other recent sources and have tried selling them and I have tried to stop that. I am now going to release this due to that fact. A simple list below of that is added and what still needs to be done. I also am releasing this to ONLY RUNELOCUS... Do NOT trust this on any other website that has it for download.

Do NOT use Eclipse on this.... However the compiler has a couple things removed as an Anti Leech but they are not important lol kind of...

List of whats added:
- Equipment Item Interactions such as Gold Torch right click Emote when wielding (Other items too wildstalker/duelists etc..)
- Remappped Nomad back to its original placement
- Dungeoneering (Needs drops redone for the most part for legit Dungeoneering mob drops)
- Drygores (yes off-hands too as well as noted)
- Ground Item Examines
- Global Item Spawns
- Impling catching (Set the spawns yourself via NPCSpawning.java)
- Reworked Runecrafting to the Altars as well as added RuneSpan (Spawn the mobs as well yourself in the NPCSpawning.java file)
- Godwars drops can still need a little touch up lol other than that its good (Frozen Key system still item ID 20120 etc.. Key parts do drop from the godwars NPCs outside each door still)
- Added a few more crowns (take a look inside to see lol)
- Fixed male/female emotes such as ROFL, ROFLcopter etc...
- Changed a few teleports around to best suit adventuring
- Added in some fun commands
- Removed staking from Duel Arena
- Added an Eco Resetter.bat file
- Construction has been removed
- Gave bonuses to several NPCs such as grotworms and more so that they are harder than just like hitting a level 2 man
- Readded KQ Tunnels (Do not use rope some reason it kills the object process just click to go down set spawns yourself)

If I have missed anything else refer to the first project release thread - [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?98071-Chronicscape-Project-Release"]HERE[/URL]

Images are right here to show some stuff just not all of it because I am tired of people being lazy not to explore the source they get and just load it up and go on the fly.



[URL="https://mega.nz/#!7EcwFCDJ!1Db7SL5I_bQmqy7a-s7wovJiSFZgis143aOIJyEUWps"]Chronicscape AIO v4.5 - Client Fixes And Cache Updates[/URL]
[COLOR="#FFD700"]No Fixes Needed For Final Revision + Client Should Work Without Issue Now[/COLOR]

If you are having trouble with client js5 that would be the revision IDs. Go into Loader.java client sided change the 420 to 1 and will work. Also if u use jdk7 make sure to use jre7 as well same with both the j8s

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Again this is only released here on RuneLocus do NOT trust any other place to get this from. I will only release here.

And do NOT use eclipse.[/COLOR]


~ Baki ~ Edited by Chronicscape
Added Chronicscape AO Package v3
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I have not been doing well and I have almost been tempted to go to the hospital a few times due to massive migraines and being dreadfully ill for no reason whatsoever. That and I have had been going to court again and will be doing so in another 2 months. Might be my last couple months in the world so yea.
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