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[PI] Staff Worlds Only and one account per world


Is there a way to make it where a certain world is only available for Staff? If so can someone show me where to go and what to put in.

I tried using RS2LoginProtocol by doing this:

[CODE]if (cl.playerRights >= 1 && Config.WORLD2 == true) {
returnCode = 23;

That didn't work and I can still get normal players to login to that world.

What else do I need to do?

Another Question is that how do I make it where if the account is on World 1 and wants to go onto World 2 they HAVE to logout to do it. It's kinda like Jagex System where you can't login to a different world until you logout. (Im probably guessing it's the same file (RS2LoginProtocol)

Any help would be helpful :)

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