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milf hunter

RSPS Programming Service and small tool sale; also selling full Tutorial Island

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I have been programming in the java area for about a year and a half now. I am familiar with mostly all aspects of java in the RSPS Biome and am willing to offer my knowledge for cheap, negotiable prices. :)


I am offering everything to jarring clients, to webclients, to website templates, and of course, RSPS development itself. My prices are negotiable and i'm willing to work with YOU.

Some of the things off the top of my head i'm offering are:

My Cache Editor (See pics in the Media spoiler)
Cache Packer (Supports mostly all revisions)
Shop Editor
Object definitions editor
Client Jarring
718 Exploit fix
Adding bosses
Reputation system (Implemented on the server)
Prestige system (Different from typical 718 prestige system)
Client work (You have to be specific)
Server sided stuff (I can do mostly anything server sided, you'll have to be specific though.)
And last but not least, full oldschool RuneScape Tutorial Island. (SEE PICS BELOW)

[SPOILER=Cache Editor Media]

Just on a side note, it says 562 cache editor, but it supports all revisions.[/SPOILER]

[SPOILER=Tutorial Island Media]

Leave a comment with your Skype name below if interested, or add my skype: k-shan904 saying your rune-server name and what you want.

Thanks for looking!

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Bump [SIZE=1]idk if it's too early for bumping lol[/SIZE]

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Hey, add my Skype.


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[quote name='Markle']Hey, add my Skype.


added you

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[quote name='shershah']Add me: shershah fedrik[/QUOTE]

There's spaces in skype names? o.o lol but bump

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I want a map editor for rune evo 3.0

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[quote name='issler']I want a map editor for rune evo 3.0[/QUOTE]

Ask harry from r-s lol

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Add me "Mr-m7md1" , I want to ask some questions.

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