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I prefer Runescape 3 for many Reasons.

- Finally Jagex made it to delete all Botters, which is why Skilling Items are worth alot again.
- More hard bosses can be added, like Kalphite King &' Vorago.
- Bossing is finally fun again, cause you don't need to click once every 10 Seconds.
- You can put the Interfaces you need on your Screen anywhere, and hide the Interfaces you don't need.
- The Graphics is much better than the old Runescape.

I remember people complaining about the Graphics back then in 2006. Now that Jagex has finally updated a "beast" Graphic, everyone wants the older Graphics back. I'm not happy about the new Items look, but the Graphics in General is just nice.

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Is it really necessary to make 2 threads about it?

On topic:

At first I hated rs3 SO much, its not like runescape anymore, more like a webbrowser based WoW or something. But when i started to accept runescape too look this way I think its good, possibly better than rs2.
I mean EoC is pretty nice after all

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I actually like Rs3 much.

At the start i hated it. Because they changed the game too much :/
but then after a while i liked it more than before.
Less botters and so! but sadly less players.

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