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Celthric - RS Clan

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Welcome to Celthric!

Information: Celthric is a brand new clan started on 3/8/2014. The clan is owned by Averall and Averalls friend Falcon1168. The clan is a social friendly clan and it does have requirements but if you don't have the requirements needed you are always available to join and chat in the guest chat! I will keep this short and sweet and more information will be available below!

Clan Home World: World 46.


1,500 Total Level
Must be a member
Must be active
Must cap weekly


Rank Guidelines:
Recruit = Clan member is muted or has been in-active.
Captain = Probation Member.
General = Active clan member.
Admin = General administration of the clan and is the Avatar Warden.
Organiser = Will take care of clan events and points.
Coordinator = Will take care of the Citadel upkeep and upgrades also help with clan events.
Overseer = Will make sure all admin+ ranks are doing their job and is the Avatar Warden.
Deputy Owner = The 2nd owner of the clan and promotes/demotes clan members if needed.
Owner = The owner of the clan.


No flaming other clan members.
No botting.
No racism.
Mild language is approved but severe language will not be tolerated.
Must cap each week.
When capped you must post on here that you have capped.


How to join:
Join the Friend Chat: Averall Jr and ask for a invite. Averall or a clan inviter will always be in the friend chat so that shouldn't be any worries. Or you can post below the layout and then join the friend chat.



Time Zone:
Are you active:
Clans you have been in before:
Are you willing to cap each week:


Please don't post a layout here, only on the clan thread located [URL="http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?290,291,256,65319071"]here[/URL].

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