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Vicious Reality

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[CENTER]Vicious Reality: By Moe.
[I]Reality and I are at war... An eternal war... It can never be won by one party, it'll never diminish. We are both equals. The swords pierce through my body as I'm stricken by devastating truths of this cursed world. Reality steps to the front, fearlessly and dives his katana into the last of my men. As the blood pours down my neck, I stand with the spirit of a gladiator in my eyes. And so he struts quickly, no hesitation in his eyes, he swings his sword as it meets with mine, the clash disseminates sparks as metal hits metal. Though miraculously a knight from behind strikes the predator in the back and pushes it through his chest. Reality falls to his knees and finalizes his last words that devastated us. His eyes were cold, his voice was of a demon, his body was of a stone, his words were, "To kill me the world's hatred must come to an end, otherwise your weapons that you grasp is merely useless." At this moment our eyes widened, and Reality smirked as we discovered Vicious Reality is forever immortal.[/I][/CENTER]

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