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Dark Hawkie

Are you an experiended coder, that can do crazy stuff? Then look HERE

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Hello! My name is Rasmus.

I look for a coder, that can keep a server alive, with fresh stuff.

I can do basics myself, but I'm tired of running solo, with some boring stuff.

What you should be able to do:
1: Create a .jar webclient - (Will maybe buy a domain and such)

2: Know the language Java.

3: Create some easy scripts that will be good for the server.

4: Pick an source and client that we should play with.

5: Do easy basics, like changing home etc.

6: Be ready to spend a lot of time to the server.

7: Be proffesional.
Add me on skype: Rasmus.nielsen9500

You can watch my server right now, that I run dedicated.

We will split the donations that incomes, and ofc. use them to pay the VPS - I'll ofc. pay the VPS at start.

We will work through Teamviewer at start, and I hope you can live with that.

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