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iFunny, Reddit, or 4chan?

iFunny, 4chan, or Reddit?  

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  1. 1. iFunny, 4chan, or Reddit?

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Reddit, I use an app called reddit is fun

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We're all one big, anonymous family over at 4chan.

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[quote name='Legend K']Can someone explain to me what 4chan is though?[/QUOTE]
I'll answer this even though you're banned - perhaps it could help someone else. 4chan is just an image board. You see, RuneLocus uses vBulletin - this is a bulletin board. However, 4chan has a relatively basic layout with a vast amount of topics to discuss. Their rules consist of posting images in threads that you start, and double, triple, etc. posting is irrelevant. For content to discuss - you need to provide images corresponding to the thread you started. Members replying to the thread don't necessarily have to post images, but it's nice of them to contribute to the thread. No registration is required to partake in activity there, as the board is based on anonymity.

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