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Coder here looking for work ASAP, read for details!

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I've coded a few servers in the past and I'm looking to do it again as it was a ton of fun! I can do 639-718 for sure but I can probably manage something else given some time. I'm not a novice Java programmer as I have 4 years under my belt and have made quite a few pieces of software (Non-distributed). I am looking to be paid a small fraction of the donations via Paypal for my services. I can also code the website from scratch and get it running entirely on my own as I have made a few websites in the past as well. I don't require a coding partner although having one would be much appreciated in the event that I am unable to solve a bug. It should also be noted that I am extremely reliable/honest. As a final note... I DO NOT COME WITH A SOURCE OR CLIENT! If you would like to hire me then please be expected to have a good and stable source/client ready, thanks!

My requirements:

- A small portion of the donations fit for the amount of work that I've done.
- Access to the server source running on Dropbox. (For dev purposes)
- Access to a separate copy of the source. (Again for dev purposes)
- Admin rights within the server. (Once more for dev purposes)
- And finally, the owner must be within my time zone and have plenty of time for communication. (My time zone - Central Time (US & Canada))

You can contact me through this post or my skype (live:neytorokx).

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