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[PI] Looking for Experienced Coder.

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Hello there, my name is Mod Mouldy and I currently own and run the server "Atonement" which is online.

I am in serious need of an experienced coder, the source is PI based 217 loading 508/602.

If you think you have what it takes, please post an application below.

Position applying for:
Past work:
Dedication to a project (on a scale of 1 to 10):
Skype/Any type of contact info:

Here is our website and current server if you would like to see the work gone in so far. <- [url]www.atonement-rsps.com[/url]

We have invested over $900 into the server and will continue to fund it for the next year minimum.

You are included in donations but that will be discussed upon interview.

Thanks alot.

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Age: 18
Position applying for: Trial Dev
Past work: Modscape (owned and coded, had 50 online at a time, admin on acrylicx as well as coded a few things, have helped 8+ people start up and code their server for free)
Experience: Gr 11 java, most of my experience comes from hands-on learning through coding for others and myself. I've coded multiple custom interfaces, commands, and even minigames.
Dedication to a project (on a scale of 1 to 10): 7 (I'll always be online to code after 6pm est, however can only really dedicate myself once I'm free from university applications, so I'll be working slowly but surely)
Right now I have school, so I'm applying for a Trial Dev spot. I'll be paid with experience itself :) We can talk about pay once I really start contributing.
Skype/Any type of contact info: calvin.luga

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Age: 15 going on 16 in March
Position applying for: Any
Past work: I work on small side project's in my time, never usually post, just learn off the side projects. I have attempted at creating advanced things such as minigames, and as easy as object placing/deleting. I do not need pay if you don't feel me worthy. I just need something to do in my free time.
Experience: Last 2-3 years of on/off PI programming, hosted 1 562 server when they first came out, had roughly 60 online day/night.
Dedication to a project (on a scale of 1 to 10): 7.8
Skype/Any type of contact info: Think I had you added before...Skype: isaidclickmenow

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