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[center][url=http://invention47.com/]Invention47.com[/url] | [url=http://invention47.com/webclient/]Browser Client[/url] | [url=http://invention47.com/invention47.jar]Download Client[/url][/center]

Invention47 is a RuneScape Private Server, which brings you back to old school roots. This server is easy to play and it's very fun, compared with other servers out there. But it has a lot of difficult challenges to keep players attracted by every single second. The servers name is Invention47.

- Great Economy. You can earn money by doing every single skill.
- Every single skill is trainable. Total of twenty-one to choose from.
- Custom, but decent Quests. Total of four to choose from.
- Great combat system and triangle, which is quite important between danger zone users.
- More then twenty custom Treasure Trail tasks. Start them by killing monsters and finding your own clue scrolls.
- Well coded chatting system. Ability to turn your chat offline or 'friends only' and guests will see you offline. Very useful for known people, who doesn't want to be disturbed.
- Very creative home area. A lot of features can be found right there.
- Online browser client, for people that don't want to download a browser client.
- Deskop clients also are available, for people that doesn't want to play from browsers.
- HighScores to battle for best ranks and titles, automatically updated every three hours.
- Monthly community events and wars between player made clans.
- Great and respectful administrators, who doesn't spawn or cheat, but play fairly as other players.
- Friendly, nice community and amazing moderators.


[center][url=http://invention47.com/]Invention47.com[/url] | [url=http://invention47.com/webclient/]Browser Client[/url] | [url=http://invention47.com/invention47.jar]Download Client[/url][/center]
Best OldSchool Server you will have ever played.?
See you in-game! - Deathbyu

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