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317 Coder offering services.

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19, living in the UK. Recently returned to RSPS after a few years of college/1 year of Uni am hoping to be of a service to someone.

I have experience in Java,VB.net,HTML,CSS,Javascript and some MySQL and PHP as well as Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash etc experience. I can provide daily updates if needed, all i ask is you request the updates a day in advance.

[B][U]Whats in it for me?[/U][/B]
I will only be offering to help with 317's as i prefer to oldschool look and feel, pretty much the only reason i'm returning.

All i ask for in return in Admin/Co-owner on said server.

[B][U]Contact Me[/U][/B]
If interested, PM me, post a comment or add me on skype at : "live:durka990" Edited by durka

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