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[614] Fist Of Guthix Mini-game 60% RS alike with my own twist, 100% staking and rules

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Well over the past few weeks(Very slowly doing this, allot of code lol) I have been coding Fist Of Guthix but while I was at it I thought of a better idea than just random target in the lobby........

You enter the lobby and you get the option to right click on a player and challenge them.
This will pull up the duel interface which has 100% Staking and 100% rules available to use.

Better if I do say so my self(RS do it please? :D)
Anyway from there on its just like the real thing apart from you can take your own food, potions and runes into the arena.
Closer you are to middle the faster your points go up.
While your defender you get hit every so often.
2 rounds each take in turns to gather the most charge and soon as timer hits 0 or defender dies, game ends and winner is chosen depending on highest charge.

What I got left to do before anyone mentions them lol(They all all easy and wouldn't take me long.)
add a few gfx's
add a few of the ingame objects
add rewards interface(This is the one that will take a while(Getting all them id's lol(So hate getting Id's I haven't even made the reward shop for My CastleWars yet lol!)))

Gameplay: (The two pics were took on different times as my cam messed up lol)

What you guys think lol?

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Looks great indeed.

I always loved fist of guthix but the rewards were crappy and no one else wanted to play except f2p mage pures.

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Isn't the label 'defend' not 'deffend'? But good work so far. Wouldn't recommend writing strings directly to the interface, pretty sure their is a config for every single option like that, that would need to be modified.

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