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Coding Service /cheapest & active service

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I may not be very famous on RuneLocus but you may have seen me on other websites where I am more noticed and trusted. Let's build up the reputation here as well!

[B][COLOR=#008000]Status: Service is active![/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000]
(you can reply/pm me and you'll be contacted as soon as possible)[/COLOR][COLOR=#008000]

[/COLOR][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ffa500]Service Introduction[/COLOR]
[/SIZE][/B][FONT=Verdana]This service is to bring you what you want or need. I am capable of doing a lot of things eg. stability improvements, minigames or misc coding. Below you can view structured suggestions, examples of what I can do more in depth.[/FONT]

[B][COLOR=#ffa500][SIZE=3]Server Offers

[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][INDENT][COLOR=#ffa500][B]Stability Improvement
[/B][/COLOR]Optimizing and improving your stability to its highest while fulfilling the paragraphs below.

[*=1|left]Ability to hold 2000 players at once
[*=1|left]No/less lag
[*=1|left]Hyperion game engine comes with for free
[*=1|left]Cleaner code
[FONT=Verdana][INDENT][quote name='Thock321']held 2k players with new engine ftw but i allocated 8gb memory to my server so it crashed. infexis is 100% trusted.[/QUOTE]

(held ~1000 players without lag)

Price wanted: $30.
Skills - NEW
[/B][/COLOR]Re-writing any skill of your choice - well coded and fully working - custom(?) of your choice(if you want anything). All those skills below has already been pre-finished by me with almost all data from rs wikipedia and rs-data collection sites added and fully working.

Price wanted: ​[INDENT]Agility: $12.
Cooking: $10.
Firemaking: $8.
Fishing: $12.
Fletching: $10.
Herblore: $14.
Mining: $10.
Prayer: $6.
Runecrafting: $12.
Slayer: $20.
Thieving: $12.
Woodcutting: $12.[/INDENT]
Error Fixing
[/B][/COLOR]Fixing all your errors whether client or server sided quickly!

Price wanted: ​Dependence on the error(s).

[COLOR=#ffa500][SIZE=3][B]Client Offers

[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR][INDENT][COLOR=#ffa500][B]RSWorld Client
[/B][/COLOR]Offering RSWorld client which has been well recognized previously in our RSWorld project thread and as well in other projects.

[*=1][INDENT]Perfect fixed/resizeable and fullscreen mode[/INDENT]
[*=1][INDENT]Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux[/INDENT]
[*=1][INDENT]634 items, 603 animations and gfx, 508 maps and objects[/INDENT]
[*=1][INDENT]Resizeable by window or interface[/INDENT]
[*=1][INDENT]Toggle screen size interface[/INDENT]
[*=1][INDENT]Interfaces(Fist of Guthix, Clan Wars, Bounty Hunter, Pest Control, Gravestone, Price Checker, Items kept on Death, Equipment Screen, all 600+ tab interfaces)[/INDENT]
[*=1][INDENT]No screen bugs[/INDENT]
[URL]http://puu.sh/ukTC[/URL], [URL]http://puu.sh/ukYL[/URL], [URL]http://puu.sh/ukZm[/URL]

Price wanted: $20.

[COLOR=#ffa500][B]Compatibility With Any OS
[/B][/COLOR]Making your client compatible with every OS: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Price wanted: $3.

[/B][/COLOR]Making your client compatible on the web(webclient).

Price wanted: $5.

[COLOR=#ffa500][B]Error Fixing
[/B][/COLOR]Fixing all your errors whether client or server sided quickly!

Price wanted: ​Dependence on the error(s).[/INDENT]
Order Form
Which service do you want:
Additional Information:
Contact Details(prefer Skype):
[COLOR=#ff0000][B]Any flaming or unnecessary comments will be reported![/B][/COLOR]


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Vouch for Infexis.
Purchased something from him on R-S and it went very well.


Rune-locus does not endorse the sale of RSPS sources and clients.

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Seems legit, might be coming to you soon with stability improvement if I am not too lazy to do it myself...

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My skype is: [B]marin.puscasu[/B]
Add me, I want to make an order.

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[quote name='beezon']My skype is: [B]marin.puscasu[/B]
Add me, I want to make an order.[/QUOTE]


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Ordered a few things off this guy, fast and reliable! Recommend using him, i sure will.

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