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Madball Old School

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Download Madball: [url]http://uppit.com/2lzx9atrj5ky/Madball.rar[/url]

Madball is online since 26/11/2013. 99.9% uptime, 24/7 online.

Join the forums in 2013 and recieve the veterank rank 01/01/2014!

Forums: [url]www.madball.tk[/url]

[B]Some features:[/B]
- Full barrows with digging and chest
- Dungeons, villages, entrances
- All kinds of items obtainable
- Duel arena with staking
- Full pest control with NPCs
- Dagannoth cave with bosses
- Unique ways of making money
- Warriors Guild
- All skills (21)
- Upcoming quests
- Unique gameplay
- Assault minigame
- Zombie minigame
- Killcounter (pkpoints)
- Good economy
- High stability
- Good combat
- Clanwars
- Wilderness teleports
- Skillcape emotes
- Clan chat
- Endless content

[B]Upcoming updates:[/B]

I am also looking for game Moderators and a forum Moderator.


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