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Serenex Reborn - Always Online - Full Website - Customs - New server!

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[SIZE=4][COLOR="#0000FF"][FONT=Arial Black]Welcome to Serenex Reborn![/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR="#0000FF"][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Black]About Serenex Reborn:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
We're Back! And this time it's forever. This won't be the Serenex you used to know. We have put a lot of work into this prior to releasing, but will still have all the things you enjoyed before!

In the new Serenex, there are many features that are bound to keep you hooked. We are paying for a VPS which means 99.99% uptime, great ping and almost no lag. Adam and Eazy have now taken part in ownership of the RSPS and have put forth much work into developing this RSPS. You can see what they have done on the right side of the page.

"Voting" and "Donating". Voting and donations even as small as a few dollars can help tremendously with monthly and yearly payments. Your money goes towards things such as VPS, Hosting, Domains, Fast Internet Speed and much more!

We, as you know, are looking for staff members who are loyal and helpful. You can find more information on the forums.

If you was on old Serenex which was just called "Serenex" you should know this server!

[COLOR="#0000FF"][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Black]Serenex Reborn Features:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#00FF00"][*]VPS server, 24/7 Online!
[*]Daily Updates!
[*]Full website!
[*]Server guide for first time loggers!
[*]Great EXP!
[*]A lot of bosses!
[*]Customs like Death Cape!
[*]Ancient Prayers!
[*]Killstreak System!
[*]Donator shop, Vote shop etc!
[*]Supportive staff members!
[*]All Skills Working
[*]Perfect Pking and PvM!
[*]Zero Lag!
[*]No dupes, no leaks!
[*]Crystal Chest Rewards!

[SIZE=4][COLOR="#0000FF"][FONT=Arial Black]Serenex Reborn Money Making and PvM![/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

There's pretty fast EXP so you get maxed pretty fast! Good stats are recommend for killing bosses.
PvM is maybe the best way to get money on Serenex, also skilling is good money making!
Example you mine ores and sell them to players!
But I'll highly recommend PvM and Slayer. A lot of players made their bank on PvM.

Thieving is for good start money, you can get your first millions by Thieving!
And then you can buy your firts gear! With your gear, you can kill bosses with team or solo and get rares!

[COLOR="#0000FF"][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial Black]Serenex Reborn Staff Players:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Well, we got 2 Developers, one Admin, one Moderator and one Support. They all are friendly, helpful, social, funny etc!
Our staff member's will always help you when you just ask for them! They're doing their best and do what they can.
Also, you can do ingame ::help and Staff members will see the name who needs help and the player coordinates.
You can apply your Moderator on Forums, and you need to earn it. Be friendly, helpful, loyalty etc! Also you can help the server by advertising, making videos or whatever you want! But we do not just take random people as staff, but you can easily get that staff rank if you're good! ;)

[COLOR="#FF0000"][URL="http://www.serenexreborn.com"]Serenex Reborn Website:[/URL][/COLOR]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Play Now!:[/COLOR][URL="http://www.serenexreborn.com/play.html"] Click Here![/URL]

Some pictures about Serenex!


And a lot of more! Come join and see! :) We're waiting for you, hopefully we see ingame :)

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