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BattleRune Pk

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Hello and welcome to battle-rune pk.
Battle-Rune PK is a 637 Hyperion based server, We aim for stability and bug free gameplay.

Forums: [url=http://www.battle-rune.com/community]Invision Power Board[/url]
Webclient coming soon
Client Donwload: [url=http://up.ht/1aNnXME]Download client.jar @ UppIT[/url]


Note: Atfer beta This will be a Spawn server with restrictions.
Note: You wont be able to spawn any items in a shop.


As of right now the server will go [color=green]ONLINE[/color] there will be no restrictions on spawning,
Keep in mind this is just a beta some stuff will not work yet.
Stuff To Do[/b][/u]
Other Small stuff

[b]Note: Once Vayken and I get the combat improved more, we will be adding restrictions on items that are in the shop.
All accounts will be deleted after beta.[/b][/center]

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