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Statius 614/718 Join Today!

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[center][color=red][size=18pt][b]Join the best server out there![/b][/size][/color]


Interested in joining the best 614 PvP server about?
Enjoy killing players in mini-games such as
[B]FightPits[/B],[B] FistOfGuthix [/B]and[B] Dueling[/B] with [B]100% staking[/B],[B] BountyHunter with Targets[/B] and [B]Castlewars[/B] as well as [B]Perfect PvP?[/B]

The 614 will offer a perfect Player Killing environment and will be playable 24/7!

Server Features[/B][/U][COLOR=#00FFFF]

[COLOR=#a52a2a]- Earn Your Cash From Killing Players In Safe PvP. ([/COLOR]Instead of FOG Tokens[COLOR=#a52a2a])
[COLOR=#a52a2a]- Earn Pk Point with killing players to spend in the PvP Point Shop In-Game
- Duel Arena:[/COLOR] Where you can stake or fun your friends! [COLOR=#a52a2a]
- Bounty Hunter: [/COLOR]Where you can obtain a Target, and attempt to win a nice Reward![COLOR=#a52a2a]
- Castlewars: [/COLOR]Where the team who wins depend on the team Kills not flag captures![COLOR=#a52a2a]
- Fist of Guthix: [/COLOR]Where you can choose your opponent with 100% Staking and Rules!
[COLOR=#a52a2a]- Fight Pits: [/COLOR]Where you can enter a tournament and prove you are dominate!
[/B][/U][COLOR=#a52a2a]- Summoning,[/COLOR]
- All Magic Spellbooks, This includes:[/COLOR] Barrage, Blitz, Vengeance, Fire Surge, Wind Surge, Earth Surge, and Water Surge![COLOR=#a52a2a]
- Correct PathFinding
- Full Bank Tabs
- 100% Prayer System. ([/COLOR]Protect Item, Retribution, Wrath, Turmoil, SoulSplit, and Leaches[COLOR=#a52a2a])
- ClanChat System
- Auto Spell Casting
- Private message System is 100%[/COLOR][COLOR=#a52a2a]
- Perfect Hybriding with realistic switching.
- Majority to All Special Attacks work.
- Auto Vote Rewards With Vote Shop In-Game.
- All Spirit shields working, Even their affects.

[/COLOR]Things to come:[COLOR=#a52a2a]
- ClanWars with real Clan vs Clan I.e Who ever is in your ClanChat
- All Skills with HighScores with added bonus effects so you have something to work on rather than just killing players.
- Skills added so far: FireMaking, Mining, Fishing woodcutting.
- Lots more! You can also recommend things on the forums and if you get enough support I will code it!



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