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Rune Perfection | Dedicated Server | Highscores | 100% Uptime

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[IMG]http://runeperfection.com/images/advert/homepage.png[/img] [B] Website:[/B] [url=http://www.runeperfection.com]Click Here.[/url]
[IMG]http://runeperfection.com/images/advert/webclient.gif[/img][B] Webclient:[/B] [url=http://runeperfection.com/viewpage.php?page_id=5]Click Here.[/url]
[IMG]http://runeperfection.com/images/advert/downloadableclient.gif[/img][B] Downloadable Client:[/B] [url=http://runeperfection.com/downloads.php]Click Here.[/url]

[U][B]Server Features:[/B][/U]

- 24 Flawless skills
- Custom Rune Perfection point system where you can turn in your player killing points for rewards
- Friendly Staff and Active staff from all over the world and on the forums
- Hundreds of PVM and PVP opportunities with countless rewards
- Perfect PKing with flawless switching and perfect hybriding
- Well based economy
- Fast growing forums
- Busy marketplace
- Every working special attack you can think of
- Quick, Fast, Reliable MANUAL donation system with many different payment methods.
- Custom Donator Islands with lots of helpful donation benefits!
- Active forums
- Custom Wilderness teleports
- More mini game being added all the time!
- Many, many more features join today to see them for your self!








[b][u]Why should you choose to play Rune Perfection over other servers?[/u][/b]

A very good question.. But a very simple answer which is, Rune Perfection cares about it's players, it cares about it's economy, it cares about how the server is ran and what the players suggest and what they want. We do everything we possibly can to ensure that the players of Rune Perfection enjoy playing the game and get the most friendly, fun and enjoyable game play they can!

The server has frequent and daily updates almost every day, you can view all/most of the updates that happen on Rune Perfection on the update-log on the forums. Rune Perfection focuses on every players enjoyment, we have every aspect of game-play that we know players enjoy PvM, PvP, skilling, you name it we have it! We are not like other servers which are ignorant to there players and just ignores there opinions and even ignores there players when they talk to them.. I have played over 50 servers over the past 4 years and have watched very carefully how the best servers are ran and also how the bad servers are ran. I have learnt there mistakes and adapted to how the best servers are ran which is why Rune Perfection is the place for you.

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