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Battle-Rune OldSchool

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Welcome to battle-rune, This is our old school server that i have gotten from a friend, Runite made the server we plan to add on to his work,so thank to him for this and Scully too. We are hosting this while we program our 751 , this will stay online we will make it so you can chat between the 751 and 317.

[B][U]Register at[/U][/B]: [B][url]www.battle-rune.com[/url][/B]

[COLOR="lime"][SIZE="7"][B]Server Launch Date: Friday 11/7/13[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

[CODE]# All released skills working near 100%; includes all but Farming and Agility
# Combat system works almost flawlessly, including auto-retaliation and aggression
# Solid dialogue and quest systems, although quests are still in question
# Very unique content and areas, based mostly (if not all) on islands and dungeons
# Programmed with near-perfection in mind, so bugs and kinks in current content are pretty scarce
# Community and goal oriented, geared more towards training and an economy than PKing
# Huge opportunity for more unique, interesting, and fun updates
# Strong Balanced Economy[/CODE][/LEFT] Edited by Bezza

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