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[317 Delta] private void parseIncomingPackets() error?


Ok so i have been working on my server for some time now and all was going well until i ran into a 100 error problem.

any time i added something to

[CODE] private void parseIncomingPackets() {[/CODE]

i would get a 100 error. i remove what i added and it worked fine.

so i went and looked it up. and a site said "In a Jave method, its size cannot exceed 64KB."

so it told me to make a void like this

[CODE]public void parseIncomingPackets2() {[/CODE]

( i tried to change public to private as well.)

and other stuff. its all [URL="https://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php?topic=438121.0"]here[/URL] under " Code to large"

so i did so but it throws errors and i can't quite get to work so i'm asking for any help. i'm not a bad coder or anything. and i know what i'm doing half the time but i can't quite get this down.

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