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Pk City

Pk City

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Welcome to Pk City!

If you are looking for an addictive, realistic fun new RuneScape Private Server to play, look no furthur!
Our server has it all, From Pking, to Bossing, to skilling and to minigames!
Pk City has everything that you could ever desire & more! Here at Pk City we have something for everybody!
Please check out some of our features and some pictures aswell!

[SIZE=4]30 Seconds to start pking
Amazing Combat
Full Chaotics + PvP Armor
Zoom in/out with client
All Nex Armours With Effect
Curses 100%
Skillng Zone
New Runescape Hitsplats
All Dupes Fixed
Many Pk Locations
World PvP
All Skills Functioning
Dragon Claws 100%
Fast Fluid Client
Perfect Eco
Amazing Stability
Perfect Switching
Amazing Graphics
Xp Counter
Donator Point store
Lottery System
Achievement system
Unique Content
Full Member System
Unique Clan Chat System
A Lot Of Bosses
Vote For Cash + Points
Killstreak System
Symbol Support
& More! Check us out today!
[IMG]http://i.imgur.com/di03kQA.png[/IMG][/CENTER] Edited by Pk City

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