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maxed phats

Looking for A 637+ Coder [Fast]

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[CENTER]Hey,I am looking for some one to coder my server I am willing to pay.
[U][B][COLOR="#0000FF"]Add me on Skype - Primal.torva[/COLOR][/B][/U]

-[U][B][COLOR="#FF0000"]This is what needs to be Done[/COLOR][/B][/U]-

1.Bank has a weird glitch (Needs to be fixed)
2.Duel does not work (Needs to be fixed)
3.Make it so you cant drop any items
4.Remove old shops (Add new shops)
5. There is a guy named kolodion at edge i want him at home
6.Make dice untradeable and undroppable, make dice say the roll out load
7.Make a unsafe at ::unsafepk
8.Make a ::commands interface saying the commads
9.Make the client hd[/CENTER] Edited by maxed phats

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