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Looking for coder that has expieriance!

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Hi guys hows it going , i currently want to start a new project and i am looking for a good coder that can get a 718 online i will reward very well and you will enjoy the outcome.

currently i have a 317 vps hosted but alot of players are boreed of it so ive suggested making a beta for a 718 !

requirements are:
-working with webclient html to avoid using rspscoding cache
-creating a webclient from scratch or even pre used
-getting cache downloaders to work on webclient
-keeping cache running and keeping server online
-willing to start this project with me and split all donationg 60/40


you will be rewarded with co owner status or owner status and rs cash which will be negotiated once the work is done so i can see you are capable of doing it!

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So bassically you want someone to make you a server for free and let you be owner. Why would anyone waste there time working as co-oener for a nine year old with no pay, when they can easily make there own server. Unless you have any valuable skills, don't try to hire someone to do all your messy work because your to lazy to learn how to code.

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