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SpongeX 718/742

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Technetium (Formerly SpongeX) is a new 718 loading 742 server, with great potential and looking to grow.

*List of all Matrix leech features, not taking the time to add them since they're burned into everyone's brain by now.*
[U]NEW[/U]Custom Dungeoneering: fight through waves of enemies, 3 different difficulties to choose.
Revamped Crystal Key system. Crystal Keys have a 1/50 chance to appear in your inventory after killing an enemy. Any NPC.
Fixed sprites in fletching, smithing, cooking, etc.
Offers a high-quality, no-lag playing experience. Strong VPS, 99% uptime. Downtime resolves quickly.
Regular fun events such as PVP ANYWHERE (Safe items), and bossing events.
Friendly players and staff, always very helpful.
Economy is very stable, shops sell only up to rune armor, black d'hides, and infinity robes.
Custom Completionist cape requirements.
DAILY updates.
Slayer is fully working, as well as slayer points and point shop.
Never before used home.
Great XP rates, been tweaked a lot.
Lots of hidden surprises when skilling, including XP boosts, etc.
buggy items have mostly been fixed.
No object overuse, interesting NPC locations.
Customized crystal key chest loots.
Fight Sunfreet, for a chance to get a rare Obsidian Rapier drop!
Drygores added
CUSTOM Minigame; earn Sacred Clay Armour for a 15% damage boost with the full set AND 5% received damage reduction!
Off-hand weapons for a bonus in attack stats, but at the price of lowered defensiveness

Okay, that's about enough of the features which I'm having trouble remembering ;) so how about some media?






















Amazing full Bandos, including gloves, warshield, and helmet!






[COLOR="#FF0000"][B]Website is temporary, in need of a web developer before purchasing a domain.[/B][/COLOR]

TEMPORARY website: [url=www.spongex.enjin.com]SpongeX 742[/url] The website is not our main focus at this time; Sorry for inconvienence
Client Jar DIRECT link: [url]https://mega.co.nz/#!ht1gGKLC!AenIQib7qIjLggInCa8jMUN8LvQJkJHD_HKWA0qfX8c

[U]Current staff and donators[/U]

[code]Lime ~ Owner
Stamina - Admin (me)
Uriah - Admin
Hugs4drugs - Mod
[/CENTER] Edited by Dwagon

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Banner added, what do you think? (I made it quick in Photoshop at 3am!)

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BUMP! Server had a MASSIVE update recently, come see for yourself!

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